Have no fear, only believe!

I am up early today without the kids...for a few minutes anyway! Sometimes it is so nice to get up and have a few minutes to myself before the day starts. Noah is spending the night with Pa and Ma so I just have the Little's today.

We had a great bible study at church last night. It was about fear. If we have Faith we can not have fear. One of the ladies but it in perspective by saying this. A women is on a plane going to visit her sister. She told the person sitting next to her regardless of what happens she will have a good trip. She will either land and get to see her sister, or if the plane crashes she will get to see her Savior. I had never thought about it, but it makes so much sense. We live in so much fear of what is going to happen next instead of taking it to God in prayer. It really made me think.

I am feeling so much better after my surgery. I am grateful for my mom, mother in law and my cousin Amy. They kept the boys for 2 whole weeks! Abbi and I had some time to bond. It was nice just having some time with her. She is so alive now, for lack of a better word! She is getting ready to crawl. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks! And she is doing some type of Army belly crawl! She is growing up so fast, but I am taking it all in. Just knowing that I will never have this baby stage again...makes me want to cry! But I am enjoying every minute! Some MOPS moms have brought dinner for us this week. I feel so special...and I haven't even attended a meeting yet! I did go to a Mom's night out and a play date just trying to get to know some people before the meetings start.

In other news...Jonah is potty training! He is great with peeing in the potty, but doing number 2 is another story! We will get there eventually! He does not want to wear diapers, but wants to wear Noah's big boy undies. He has some training pants which are better for when he has an accident (thicker so it doesn't go all over the floor) but he prefers Noah's Wiggle's undies! He is so funny and I am enjoying this stage with him. It is so hard sometimes staying consistent with the discipline but I learned from Noah to not give in, and it is working. He is much better behaved when I take the time to pay attention to him and really enforce the positive that he does! He loves it when I say good job! When I do he says high five and hold his little hand up for his high five. He still has his moments but who doesn't! I still do!

Noah is such a big boy. He was so cute at Andrew's last softball game...which they won! 2 in a row. Whoo hoo! Anyway, he and his cousin Caleb were playing "baseball" and I looked over there and they had a whole team playing. He never meets a stranger...as far as kids go. When we go to park he always has a new friend to tell me all about. He finds out all about them! I cannot believe that he will starting school in just over a month!

Andrew and I are going to try to go on a "date" tonight. I got a coupon in my email from TGI Fridays for a buy one entree and get one free. If you haven't yet go sign up at their website for their "Give me more stripes" program! And then we want to go see Transformers...so we will see if it works out! Hopefully will. We have not been out together in a while!

Have a great weekend and have no fear, only believe!


I found a new place...

While I am sitting around here with nothing to do...(actually can't...Doctor's orders!) and while Abbi is napping, I stumbled upon a new blog. And they are having a Going Dot Com Birthday Bash where there will be 10 winners every day this week!


5 years ago...

Let me just start off by saying I can not believe that I am now the parent of a 5 year old! Time flies when you're having fun! Today is Noah's birthday. I love this child more than he will ever know...at least until he has his own one day. He is so smart and so sweet. When I came home the other day after having my surgery he was just standing next to the bed and holding my hand. At one point he cried worried about me. I had to reassure him that I was fine and just like when I had Jonah and Abbi in a few weeks I would be fine!

I love you so much Noah! Happy Birthday to my Big Boy!


The day has come...

The day is here.  I go in tomorrow for my hernia surgery.  I am a little nervous as I suppose you would be with any surgery, but also know everything will be fine.  I guess after 3 c-sections the word surgery doesn't really scare me!  The hard part for me will be while I am recovering and not being able to do stuff with my children.  They will be spread out for few days and I know they will be having fun...it's just not being able to do my "job" as a wife and mother for a couple of weeks that bothers me!

Please pray for my uncle Edward.  He was admitted to the hospital yesterday with a dangerously low hemoglobin level.  He is going to have tests done today to try to figure out why.  

Please pray also that my family stays safe and sound while I am out of it for a few weeks, for our financial situation, and for the mentality of those that are helping out with our children!  I know God will provide our needs but a little prayer never hurt!  God bless you and when I am able to I will be back!