Mandy at Life's About a Dream tagged me forever ago! Sorry it has taken me so long!

The rules are:

1. The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

And here’s the meme:

What I was doing 10 years ago: Let's see...I was 20, working at Food Lion and being dumb!

Five things on my To Do List today:

1. Clean out outside closet.

2. Clean our room.

3. Sweep and mop the kitchen.

4. Tumble pillows/animals/ect.

5. Read a magazine (which I never seem to have time to do!)

Snacks I enjoy: Chocolate, grapes, and peanut butter. But not a the same time!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Give to church, buy a bigger house and pay it off, buy a house for my grandmothers, parents, everyone in the family, spend a lot of time with my husband and my boys, and give, give, give

Three of my bad habits:

1. Being on the computer until 2 am, reading blogs!

2. Being on the computer until 2 am, reading blogs!

3. Being on the computer until 2 am, reading blogs!

Five places I have lived:

1. With my parents

2. Ridge Crossing Apartments

3. Way out in South Augusta

4. back home with parents

5. Grovetown with Andrew after we got married!

Five jobs I’ve had:

1. Babysitter

2. Cashier

3. Teller

4. Head Teller

5. The best of all: Wife and Mom

Five people I want to know more about (a nice way of saying TAG!):

I don't know any one else too well yet, maybe on the next go around!


Wait until tomorrow!

I am pooped! This has been a hard week for me. The kids were rough this week. And not the babies, the older 2! Nothing worked as far as punishment. And I seem to be in a bad mood this week! Maybe it is a combination! I really need to go and pray for the kids. and myself!

I wanted to clean the house from top to bottom but that never happened! I have a big case of SPRING CLEANING FEVER! I usually don't care too much but I think it is because of the kids and also I don't want to have to act like I'm not here every time the doorbell rings! I'm kidding.

Andrew is off form his main job tomorrow so maybe we can get some stuff done. As long as we don't sleep all day! By all day I mean until 10 am! I want to get up early and actually have something to show for the day! Right now the house looks like a tornado went through! And right now I don't care! I am going to bed and it can wait until the morning. As Scarlett O'Hara would say "After all, tomorrow is another day!"


Since it is almost 1 am and I am still awake I found this site. Does anyone think that Andrew looks like any of these people? I'm sure he's going to love that he looks like Opie Taylor! He loves the Andy Griffith show! I personally think that he looks like Josh Turner! What do you think?


We had a pretty good week. We went to the zoo on Tuesday. We had fun. Except for the part about getting sort of lost looking for Five Guys Famous Burgers and Fries. We had a navigator and she took us to a movie theater! Maybe eventually I will get to eat there! I keep hearing how great they are and want to find out for myself!

The girls that I am keeping are doing okay. Noah said he is tired of Gwen coming over to play. I told him that he better not marry her then!

We have a busy weekend! The boys have 2 Easter egg hunts tomorrow with 2 sets of Grandparents. One in the morning at my parents church and then one in the afternoon with Andrew's mom. And I have to cook for Sunday! We are having a "Thanksgiving meal" complete with turkey and dressing, with the family for Easter after church. It will be a wonderful time of family and fun! Have a great Easter and celebrate the Savior and his rising from the dead! If we have time this weekend we will watch Passion of the Christ. It always makes me cry as I remember what He went through for us! Thank you Jesus, for all you have done for me and my family.


Monkeys at the zoo


Finally...another post!

It seems like it has been forever since I have posted...wait a minute! It has! We had an interesting week and weekend! The week was spent taking care of the 4 kids, Gwen came back from Mexico and we had her starting on Wed. Let's just say, I'm really glad I don't have TWINS! Gwen and Noah are both really strong willed and hard headed! I used to think that no one could be more hard headed than Noah, but I believe Gwen has him beat! I have learned to be consistent, and I admit it took some time! But I know it is best for them.

On Saturday we went to Wrens to my cousin Amy's house. In case anyone hasn't heard, we had some nasty weather around here on Saturday. A tornado hit in Wrens about 3 miles or so from where we were at! I was scared! We were all really scared. Thank goodness Noah had no idea what was going on and Jonah is too young to know. We decided to leave since Amy and Brian live in a really nice double wide, but like you always hear, you should leave and go to more sturdy building. We were going to go the fire department where Brian and Amy are voluntary fire fighters. The damage there and in Matthews, which is a small town near Wrens was really bad. It really makes you thankful to realize how blessed we are.

In other news, Andrew has started softball with church again. They started practicing on Sunday. Noah wanted to go watch them practice so we went to the park. I have started with what I believe are allergies. My nose is running like a faucet, my eyes are watering...it is about to drive me crazy! I'm sure being outside yesterday didn't help it at all! I took some Clarintin last night but it did nothing! It usually helps so tonight we are heading to Walmart to look at Zyrtek,or whatever the new allergy drug that is over-the-counter, to see if it may help me. We are supposed to go to the zoo tomorrow so I need something! Hopefully I will be able to post some pics after the trip!


Peace and quiet...for a minute

I am sitting in the most quiet this house had been in a long time! All 3 of the kids are asleep! The baby that I am watching had a difficult week last week. I don't know if she has stomach problems, is constipated, is already having withdrawal, or just was held a little too much before her mom went back to work, or all of the above! She is just 7 weeks old! Then my mom gave me the idea to try one of Jonah's pacifiers on her. It is working so far! While my mom and dad were out yesterday they bought a pack for her. And she seems to like it. No crying so far today! Yeah!

Jonah got up with me this morning at 6:30 so he is already down for a nap. Noah is not awake yet, which is fine with me, because he went to bed pretty late last night. Again.

I better go, I hear Lili. Sounds like she is trying to poop! Poor baby!


Welcome to my life!

Welcome to my life! My name is Heather. I am the wife to Andrew, going on 7 years. I really cannot believe we have been married that long or that short? I am mother to Noah and Jonah. I am so blessed to be able to stay home with my 2 boys. Neither one of them were planned, but I would not take anything for them! Noah is 3 and is an adventure. He is funny and so smart! Jonah will be 10 months tomorrow and he is the sweetest baby. He has started walking and it is funny and scary! I can tell he is smart too. I know I'm their mom, but hey!

I started blogging last year. I heard it is the thing to do and decided to give it a try. And I like it! I have found a few blogs that I enjoy reading and want to find a few more. I mainly blog for the family to keep up with my children but have found a few others who like to read as well.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into our life of ups and downs, twists and turns, and whatever comes our way. I know with Jesus we can overcome it all!