Happy 8 weeks!

Here are some photos of our very un-professional photoshoot today!

She looks like she is saying "I love you this much!"

I can't believe that Abbi is 8 weeks old! It just seems like yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. She is such a good, sweet baby. I haven't wanted to write about her because I haven't wanted to jinx anything! She is a fast nurser which is great! She will nurse in 15-20 minutes and then go for 3-4 hours before needing to eat again. She sleeps about 6 hours at night, only waking up once a night to nurse. She is so laid back and I absolutely love her!


"Not me!" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I've have been reading this for a few weeks and finally I'm going to attempt it! It may make the guilt not so bad! If you need a good laugh, head over a read a few!

So here we go:

Noah did NOT break Andrew's nose this week by jumping on the bed after being told to quit, because he always listens. And Andrew did NOT stick a tampon up his nose to stop the bleeding. And I did NOT take a picture of him with said tampon up his nose!

I did NOT make the boys go the bed early just so could have a little peace. What kind of mother would do that?

I did NOT let Jonah play in the sink and brush his teeth over and over this week, just so could finish laundry, eat lunch, and change the baby's diaper!

I was NOT secretly glad that both boys feel asleep on the way home from dinner on Thursday night. I mean Grey's was coming on!

I did NOT feel guilty for raising my voice at Noah while he was working on a notebook and explained to him for the fourth time that he was not following the directions. And then I did NOT feel incredibly guilty when he told me I hurt his feelings!

So, what have you NOT been doing this week?


A quest

We had a great service at church today. I was really glad that I made it today. My first real outing with the 3 with out help! Well, first outing with a real time limit! I was even a few minutes early. The sermon was excellent. It was about how to leave here to get there. About how we have to do a little bit more that what we are doing now to get to where God wants us to be. So good...

I am going to start a quest to change my life. Just a little. I have been a stressed out mom lately. Nothing major, just feeling like I don't do enough. Don't have enough time with each child individuality. Therefore I yell a little more than I want. Fuss a little more than I want. Don't have enough time for my husband. Just feel a little like a failure! I have made a list of things I want to do each day for the week every week. Now that I can't really use "recovery" as an excuse tomorrow is the day that I will start! I am going to start exercising and really watching what I eat and how much. I have some small goals in mind and with Jesus and a lot of prayer we are going to achieve them!

One thing is that I will never go to bed again with dirty dishes in the sink! That being said I am going to clean the kitchen!



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Random pictures!

This is one of the sweet moments!

He looks so big!

A little monkey got in the house!


Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger! I will do better, I think I am finally adjusted to having 3 little ones...for now anyway. Things will change, So is life! So what have we been up too?

We signed Noah up to play t-ball. It is actually called Wee-ball for his age group. They will teach him how to play like how to run the bases, play in the outfield, ect. I think it will be good for him. He is so excited and can't wait for his coach to call. He asked me everyday if it is time to go to practice. He is so smart and uses words I never thought a 4 year old would even know, much less know when to use them!

Jonah is now sleeping in a "big boy bed." It is the toddler bed that Noah had. I wanted to wait until he was 2, but with him climbing out of the crib I figured we should go ahead and put him in the bed. I didn't want him falling and getting hurt. He went to the doctor yesterday and got the all clear for his ears. Finally free of the infection!

Abbi has been smiling this week. Not just gas, real smiles! They make my heart melt! I have decided to spell her short name Abbi instead of Abbie. I just like the way it looks better. Hey, I'm a woman, I can change my mind!

I will finally have a camera again tomorrow! I can't wait until it gets here, there will be LOTS of pictures for a while!

I promise to not be so out of touch. We sort of have a routine down now, so I will be making time for the blog. Hopefully...


I feel bad...

I feel bad. It has been a while...

One night last week I felt bad because I put the boys to bed early, yelled too much, and I was so tired of the whining! I ended up having to take everyone to the doctor the next day. The boys both had ear infections! I already felt guilty, and that made me feel worse! Mom of the year right here!

Abbie is still growing...and still has something. She still gets chocked. I feel so bad for her sometimes. She has been waking up a bit more and looking around.

I'm really tired so I am heading off to bed! After I have a brownie!