A Doctor and An EMT

It has been a busy week. Sunday started out with a visit to the clinic and the scare of a lifetime. Jonah was not a happy camper Sunday. I didn't go to church because I could tell he was not feeling good. I put him down for a nap around 11:15 because he had fallen alseep and went to let the dog in. I walked back in to check on him and he was laying flat on his back crying. This is not like him at all. I called the nurse after he had been crying for about 15-20 minutes. I was so scared for him, I didn't know if he had fallen or what. I didn't see any marks or anything. The nurse told me that if he didn't stop crying like he was (she could hear him on the phone) after I tried comforting him, that if he had been crying for an hour to take him to the ER but if he quit he made him an appointment at the doctors office. I tried EVERYTHING to calm him down. He never cries like that so I was beside myself. I called Andrew crying and he came home. We we about to pack him in the car to go to the ER when he fell asleep. I kept checking on him, like every 3 minutes. Andrew was laying next to him and I think he felt like I thought he didn't know what he was doing.

I had to wake Jonah up about 2:15 to take him to the clinic. When he got up, he was Jonah. I had taken his temp. when I called the nurse and he was 101.7. That was after Tylenol because I that that maybe his teeth were bothering him earlier in the day. So we went to the doctor where he was diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears. He had a fever of 101.3 there. We left with a prescription and went to Daddy's store to have it filled. As I was putting him in the buggy he starting shaking and he turned blue. I, of course, freaked out. A lady come rushing to help and thought he was choking. Someone called 911 and someone that works at the store that knows us called Andrew. He was sweet and stayed home with Noah. Jonah had come around some by the the ambulance and fire truck got there, but still wasn't Jonah. It is amazing how fast something can go wrong! I had called my mom and she called my Dad who was at church about 2 minutes away. He came and sat with me on the ambulance while we waited for Andrew to get there. It turned out he had a febrile seizure. Which, as I found out later is pretty normal for kids. I had the scare of my life though.

I am so thankful for everyone that was there to help. I don't know what I would have done if I had to be by myself. I thank God that it happened where it did and there were people there to kind of keep me calm. People called the store later and the next day to see how the baby was doing. Sometimes I think the world is so bad, and then there are days like Sunday when everyone seems so nice, caring, and giving. I truly think it is God who puts us in the right place at the right time. It has happened so many times in my life. Thank you God for my babies. I am giving them extra hugs and kisses now. You never know when life can change in an heartbeat.

Jonah is doing fine now and he is walking. He walked a lot today. He is such a sweet baby. It is cute to watch Noah and Jonah play a little bit together now. I can't believe that in a few short months I will have a 4 year old and and 1 year old. Where does time go?



I have to share this:

Noah woke up this morning with bed head! He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and said, "Mom, fix my hair! I look like a dork!"

I still have no idea where he learned the word dork...;)


so much to do...

I have so much to do in the next 2 weeks. I am going to start keeping Gwen and her new little sister Lillianna. I have know their mom Emily for about 6 years. I actually trained her when she started at the bank. I wanted to keep her for myself, she was such a good worker. Turns out that her family and Andrew's used to go to church together back in the day. Now we all go to church at the same church. Noah is very excited about Gwen coming to play with him almost everyday. I am excited too. I don't have any girls so this will be an adventure. And maybe some training for one day in the future!

About that, Andrew and I still are not sure whether or not we would like more kids. We both would love to have a girl. But I would like to move first, which won't be for about 4 more years. That wouldn't be a bad time to try to have another. But it will also be like starting over! Who knows? We leave all that up to God, so whatever he has planned we will do!

Anyway, I have to clean, clean, clean before I start keeping them. Not that the house is really disgusting, but if it is clean to start out it may be easier to keep clean. I have so much junk and not enough room for all of it! It looks like it's time to get rid of stuff and throw a lot of stuff away. I have a box of all the "drawings" that Noah has done. He has been able to draw "people" for about 2 years. I hate to throw them away, but it is a huge box! Living in a townhome doesn't give you much room for storage! I will figure it out!


My Valentine

It is Valentine's day. This is the day my parents got married. So Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom! They have been married 32 years! They are a real inspiration to us. We hope to be able to take a cruise with them when we have been married 25 years and they will be celebrating their 50th. I think that would be great! Happy Anniversary again!

Now I am going to gush about my husband for a little bit. If you don't want to puke, don't read this part! I'm kidding...well half way kidding.

I love my Andrew. Things have not always been perfect for us, still aren't, but we are working on it! Here is little list of why I love him!

He is my best friend. I can tell him anything and know that he will not judge me. Sometimes he will laugh at/with me, but never judge me!

He makes me laugh like no one ever has! I can be in worst mood and he will get me out of it in a minute.

He is an amazing father. I know Noah loves his dad. He can not wait for him to get home from work to see what he has done that day and to play. And you can just see the love on Jonah's face when he comes in to the room. He always has a smile for his Daddy!

He loves to surprise me, which I hate! I hate to be the center of attention, but he doesn't mind making me be it! But it is wonderful to know that someone loves you that much!

I love that he provides for our family, even if it means that I won't get to spend Valentine's with him. But he makes just about every day Valentine's for me. I know, gag! He works really hard for me to able to stay home with our boys and I love him for it!

He tries really hard no matter what he is doing. It makes a good impression on our boys to not give up just because something gets hard. Makes a good impression on me too! Sometimes I am guilty of giving up because things get hard.

He tries to be the spiritual head of our household. It can be tough, especially when you have a wife like me! I pray for him everyday that this gets easier for him! It can be hard to be moral in this world, but he really tries to for our family.

This is just a short list but I have started with this cold/flu thing that is going around. Andrew had it on the Super Bowl, my dad had it too, and then my mom had it the last few days. It is not fun! I hope that everyone has a great Valentine's Day!


To be a mother...

I know I am not the only one who feels this way! Yesterday I was ready to pull my hair out and send these boys packing! Jonah was not happy and would not sleep and didn't hardly eat anything. Which is really strange for him. He finally got alright after dinner and I gave him some Tylenol. I think he is finally teething. Poor baby still doesn't have any teeth. But I'm not worried. I know they are coming!

Noah was another story all together! Some days he drives me crazy! I should have taken him to the park, instead of cleaning out my closet. That may be why they were getting on my nerves! I wanted to get done with it (I finally did after about 8 hours!) and they didn't want to co-operate! Plus Noah really didn't eat anything all day. He has gotten really picky! He's been picky for a while but I could always get him to eat chicken or peanut butter and jelly. Yesterday he wouldn't eat anything! Probably one reason why he was in a bad mood! And he got up a 7:30 which is very usual for him! He usually gets up around 8:00-8:30. So he was tired too! And so hyper! I really should have taken them to the park but I thought it looked like was going to rain too!

Anyway, how things have changed today! The boys have been great, no whining, eating good, and actually behaved when we went out to get Valentine's stuff! Jonah is always good but even Noah got a complement from the cashier. Then we came home for lunch and Noah ate a corn dog, without coaxing! Then we sat and made out his Valentine's and got a present together for
Gwen at church. Her birthday is tomorrow and she will be 3. She is the cutest thing, she's the one Noah is going to marry according to him!

It is amazing how different one day is from another! I love my boys and would never send them packing, but sometimes I feel like I need a break! I guess it is just one part of being a mom! Now I've got to put more clothes in the washer and fold up the ones in the dryer. Then take Noah to make "deliveries." It's great to be a mom!


Weekend round-up

This weekend was busy! Andrew was off Saturday and Sunday so that was nice, but we had so much to do! We went to a wedding Saturday afternoon. A friend from church got married. It was a nice wedding, lots of red! I guess she was having a Valentine themed wedding. Then Saturday night we had a party for Andrew's mom's 60th birthday. It was a nice dinner for about 30 people.
Sunday we went to church and out to eat. We came home and tried to take a nap. Well...Andrew got to anyway!

Today Jonah had his 9 month check-up. He weighs 21.2 lbs. No wonder I feel like my arm is going to fall off after carrying him around! He is trying to walk a little bit. He wants to go so fast though, so he falls rather quickly. It is great to watch him try. With Noah I was working and I believe we were out of town the weekend he really started walking a lot. I am so blessed to be able to be at home to watch this time around! I know it is late but I have to go get Noah to bed. He fell asleep late this afternoon and I couldn't wake him up at all! Of course he got up around 7:00 ready to go! Jonah went to bed about 8:30, which was nice, but Noah is STILL up! So I am going to get him in the bed and then I can go to bed too!


Time to vote...

I am going to vote today. I am not going to tackle taking the 2 boys with me! No way! We had to take Noah with us last time to vote and there was such a line! No way am I going to try it with 2! I could wait until Andrew gets home but that will be about 5:00 and I'm sure it will be very busy at that time! So my mom is coming to stay with the boys so I can run out and vote. It is beautiful day and after I get back we are going to the park and to the library.I found a book that Noah loves! It is called "A Monkey Among Us." It is cute and has short sentences so he can "read" it. I would love to buy it for him but it is a bit expensive. The cheapest I have found it for is like $35.00 and that is used because it is currently out of print! I guess I'll have to be on the lookout for it at the Goodwill and yard sales! If anyone finds one for a little less, let me know! Got to go take of a dirty diaper! Have a wonderful day and get out and exercise your right to vote!


Another week goes by...

What have I done this week? Not much, but I can report that the house is pretty clean, thanks to Andrew and myself. Noah did a little bit, we cleaned his room on Friday. I did most of the work, but at least he stayed in there with me and did a little bit! We now have DSL. I like it pretty well. It is the fastest speed that they have. At first it was kinda slow, but after a while it got pretty fast. Almost like having the cable modem. Andrew has decided to get direct tv, to get the NFL channel. I said football season is over after tomorrow, but he wants to be ready for next year. Whatever you say babe, you pay the bills! He was disappointed though. They came Friday morning and it was raining so the guy asked could we reschedule. I said sure, but what I should have said was, "let me call my husband!" I know what he would have said! I wouldn't want the guy to fall off the roof but my Andrew wants his tv. We have been living with the old rabbit ears for a few months around here. He can't stand it! I really don't care with the writers strike going on! The only show I have to watch is Grey's Anatomy and they have been showing repeats or other shows. Although I must say I rather enjoyed Eli Stone on ABC on Thursday night. A little crazy but it might be a good show. We shall see.

I went to church today to help clean for tomorrow. It wasn't bad. Our whole cell/bible study group went. Then we went to Stevie B's for lunch. I felt a little guilty eating there with out Noah. Although it was nice not to have someone wanting to go play games the whole time you are trying to eat after they rush through their one piece of pizza! My aunt Bonnie kept Jonah for me to go. Thank you so much! I can tell he enjoyed his time with aunt Bonnie and cousin Nathan!

I can't believe that both boys are asleep and have been for hours. Jonah feel asleep on the way home from Pa and Ma's around 8:00 and Noah feel asleep on the way home when Grandma and Mr. Ken aka Pops brought him home around 8:30. He spent the night with them last night. So I think that I am going to bed myself. I hate to go to sleep when Andrew isn't here. I don't really sleep well unless I know he's home, but I am so tired! Good Night and have a great Sunday!