what was i thinking?

Well, I have spent the last few days putting up Christmas decorations and trying to clean our little house. I mean like really clean. I am going to start keeping 2 extra kids on Wed. for 10 weeks! Actually it will be a 21 month old and a 6 week old! I prayed about this and told God if he thought that could handle it he would make it work. The lady that I am keeping the children for is a friend of a friend at church. I guess it is just fate because I could really use the money to pay off the rest of these medical bills from where we had Jonah. I would love to use it for something for ME or the boys but I know that those bills have to be paid! So do you think I'm crazy taking on 2 more? I mean my Granny had 7 so how hard can it be, right? I have thought about keeping an extra kid to make some extra money so maybe this will let me know if I can handle it. And maybe I'll get a good reference out of it. Well after the first day I will let you know how it goes. When I met them they seem to be easy going and all, but that was only for like 45 minutes, so we shall see!



Our Christmas

Well, I hope that everyone had a great Christmas Day with family! We got up a little later than I wanted but it all worked out fine. We got up and let the boys open their gifts from "Santa." Noah wanted drums and a camera. My dad and mom had already gotten him a Fisher-Price digital camera a while back to give to him for Christmas. We found him a small set of drums at Wal-Mart of course! So he was trilled. We also got him a laptop (not a real one!), the new Wiggles DVD, some books, and Hot Wheels. Rhonda had given me a LeapPad to give to him so I saved it for Christmas. He was pleased. Jonah didn't get much since he didn't really know what was going on. We got him a car to ride on that makes lots of noise and a stacker. He already has all of Noah's left over toys from him so for the most part he's pretty well set. I think he was just happy to play with the paper and boxes! Then we went to my dad and mom's and let them open presents. Noah loves his camera! Here is one of his first pictures.Not bad! He also got a game that you plug into the tv and play Disney games. He has already played it twice today. I tried to play but all he would let me do was help him jump! It was still fun to play with him while Jonah napped. We all ate dinner at my uncle and aunt's house. Then we played games. It was nice for my cousin Julie and her family to be with us. They live in Utah and we don't get to see them as often as we would like. She is due with her 4th child in January. It was nice to spend the holiday with all of them. I need to go and feed Jonah but I have to put this picture on too. Noah took it this morning. I love it!Don't you love those pj's with the feet! I love how cute he is in them. Once again I hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know we did!


A Giveaway

This is the first time I have done this but these bags are so cute! At Musings of a Housewife she is giving away Land's End diaper bag totes. All you have to do is leave a comment of which color you prefer. Good Luck, the contest ends at 5pm Monday!.


The past few days...

For the last few days I have been in the kitchen baking cookies. I decided that we were going to give some of the people on our list cookies this year, with the funds being low. It has been an adventure to say the least. Noah has been a big helper! He loves to help me in the kitchen. Between Ma's house and our house, this is what we have made: Peanut butter cookies, chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, peppermint bark, and Mexican wedding cookies! I still want to make flat chocolate cookies if I can find the recipe and more peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. They are gone already, of course! Here is a picture or my sweet boy with some of our creations!
Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas if I don't get to post before then. Remember it is a time to reflect on our Savior and his amazing birth in a barn! Such a humble beginning for a remarkable man! Love to you all!


This weekend!

Let’s see what is happening this weekend! We are going to eat at some friend’s house tonight. Troy and Rhonda are the only friends we still have from that business that really messed up our lives for a while! We both quit, (supposedly just a break but we know that we’ll NEVER go back!). They have 2 sons 9 and 6. It’s great because I benefit from them outgrowing clothes! Thank you so much for that Rhonda! Then tomorrow we are supposed to decorate our tree, finally! Then Sunday is of course church and then Andrew and I have a Sunday school party Sunday afternoon. The boys are going caroling with Pa and Ma and their church. I think it will be a great weekend. Next week hopefully between Andrew starting the part-time job and all we can find time to do our Christmas Shopping! I hate to admit that we have only gotten a few things! But, like I’ve said before money was tight! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I wrote this yesterday but couldn't post...

I am sitting here in awe of what Jesus can do! I was in the shower the other day wondering what are we going to do? Andrew makes good money at his job but we have trouble sometimes making ends meet. We have nothing left for saving or God forbid, something happening that we need extra money for. Although every time it seems like what else can go wrong, God makes a way! I was wondering if I should consider going back to work. Andrew has told me before it would be no good for me to go work as I would just be paying for daycare. I know my mom would watch my boys but she needs a break. She has been watching kids since Noah was born! Not always mine, but day after day, I know she needs a break, time to herself and time with my dad. Believe me I know how it can be! I asked God why would you give me the opportunity to stay home with my boys if you are going to take that away from me? I know I shouldn't question God but sometimes we all wonder! I love being a mom, and with Noah getting ready to go to school next fall, I couldn't stand to have to leave him now! He can be a handful and his personality is something else, but I love that boy. We are dealing with some jealousy here lately with Jonah. Anyway to get to the point I am trying to make, Andrew has been looking for a part-time job, like delivering pizza to make some extra income. Well yesterday the phone rang and it was one of places that he put his application in to. They are hiring him and he starts on Monday! What an answer to my prayers. And on top of that his bonus was a lot more that we thought it would be! Jesus always shows up at the right time. I know everything happens in his timing but sometimes we can't help but question, where is it God? I know, I still have some work to do on my Faith! I have come a long way thought. Normally, I would have worried and worried about this. But the other day while I was thinking and praying about all this, I felt a calm come over me and felt that everything was going to be alright. Jesus, you are awesome and I thank you!

On a side note, as I sit here writing this, my wonderful little man, Noah, just brought me a booger on his finger. Oh the joys of living with 3 men! Well, at least he didn’t wipe it on the furniture or the floor, or the side of the bathtub as one of my brothers used to do! These boys are a joy for sure, but sometimes…well I’ll just say sometimes I wonder!


Has it been another week?

Has it been over a week since I last posted? Our Internets been up and down so maybe that's why. Well, let's see what has happened. We had our Bible study Holiday dinner on Monday. Then on Wednesday my Dad had his gall bladder removed. He is already chopping at the bit to get back to work! I cooked dinner at there house Sunday and we went to there church to watch a Christmas program. My Dad is in the choir. It was nice. Then last night Andrew and I went to watch the Falcons LOSE another game! What a waste of gas! But it nice for us to do something together with out the boys! Thank you Mom for keeping them for us! That's about it, hopefully it won't be so long in between post next time!


By the way...

I have to say that Jonah is growing up too fast. I kind of thought that he might since I had to chance to stay at home with him. Yesterday he STOOD UP in the crib! Well, pulled himself up to stand. I had to take a picture, of course. Thank you Mom for letting me borrow your camera for the tree lighting. It came in handy to record a bit of Jonah's growing up!

Christmas time is here again...

It's officially here at our house! I haven't decorated a thing but the Christmas season is here! We went to our town's annual tree lighting Friday night and then to the parade that goes right by our neighborhood yesterday.
Jonah really wants to try that hot chocolate Daddy is holding!
Noah and Daddy after the tree was lit!

The boys, ready to go to the parade.

Noah watching the parade!Jonah really looks excited!

We had a fun time as a family. There were not a lot of people our end of the parade so Noah left with a bagful of candy. Like he needed anymore, but that's part of the parade. Now maybe I have some holiday spirit and start decorating the house! Merry Christmas!



Well, my husband is really sick! He went to the Dr. and he has a ear infection and a sinus infection! Now I feel a little bit bad that I said he was whining! He stayed home from work yesterday and today but plans on going in tomorrow. I want to thank my mom for letting Noah stay with her for a while so Andrew could rest. We missed him but know that he has a ball at Pa and Ma's house! I did get a lot of cleaning done today with him gone. I admit that I do not keep the cleanest house in the world. I have gotten better, but it still needs work! I would much rather spend time with the boys than scrubbing the floor! Oh well, that's part of the reason I'm still up! Good Night and God bless!


Sick Husband

Ok, so I love my husband, but why do men like they are dieing when they get a cold? I know his head is all stopped up and his nose is running, but really, you'll be okay! I have a cold, I'm still supposed to watch the kids, cook dinner, clean, and still have time for him! Anyway! Georgia beat Georgia Tech today, way to go Bulldogs! I must admit I didn't take a lot of time out to be with Jesus today. I ask for His forgiveness! I made some banana bread, went to my cousins house to eat barbecue and sing karaoke, and we had a fun day with family. I love my family, there are all so funny and we have a lot of fun together. My Granny had 7 kids so we have a large family! Well, I am going to read before I go to bed and get things ready for church in the morning. Good Night! And I love you honey and I hope you feel better soon!


Some of our story...

Well, this is my first entry! I never thought that I would like to blog, but after some recent events I have decided to try it. This is a picture of my family. My husband Andrew, me, Heather, and our 2 sons, Noah is 3, and Jonah who is 6 months. I will start out by saying that I love my family. Both my family and the extended family. I love our in-laws and our out-laws. I know that no family is without problems but regardless, I love them anyway. I try to myself no matter who or what I am around. I will tell you that I am a stay-at-home mom. I love it! I always wanted to be one but I never thought that it would happen. Noah was quite a surprise to us and we we barely making it! Our payments out were more that what we were bringing home. I know now how stupid we were! I had to return back to work after he was born. I hated to but I knew that he was in good care with my mom. So I worked and tried to spend as much time with him as possible. In the meantime, my husband lost his job. He made a mistake and has learned from it. Anyway, he was out of work for a little over a month. Times were very tough for us at this point, but I never thought about leaving him. I said when I married him, that we would be together in good times and bad, richer or poorer. And at this time, we were definitely poorer! He got another job but took a pretty big pay cut. But by the grace of God, matched his income in a little over a year. He loves his job now and is hoping to get promoted soon, but we know it will come when God wants it too. Then in March of 2006 I was at work and something happened. I didn't know what, but I knew something was wrong. I called Andrew to come get me and take me to the emergency room. They sent me home with a migraine! Then that night I felt fine. The next day when I woke up I was trying to IM my mom. Well, I could not remember how to type! And I had been doing it since high school! Then I went and sat at our dining room table and tried to write the alphabet. Well guess what, I could not remember it! Andrew called the dr. and they send me to have and MRI. Turned out that I had had a stroke! Well I can't remember what type it was, but then about a week later I had another one, a different type which of course I can't remember either! I'm sure I can research and find out but to me it's not that important! I'm just glad that I am still alive and fine now! I went to therapy to relearn the alphabet and simple math. I was in therapy for about 5 months. When the Dr. released me my job was gone. What do you do when you were making pretty good money and all of the sudden that income is gone! We did the best we could and I tried to find a job somewhere else but I don't know if no one wanted to hire some one who had been on medical leave or what, but I never heard anything from anyone! We tried credit counseling but they recommended that we do bankruptcy. This was the last thing that we wanted to do so we tried to refinance our house but because our credit was so bad, we weren't able to. So we did what the counselors had said. I was so upset because it was not what I or Andrew wanted to do. It hurt! But in the long run it has been okay. I found out I was pregnant right around the time it was final. I was happy but didn't know how we would make it! Would I have to return to work and miss out on another child's life? Andrew and I talked about it and decided that I would stay home. If I went back to work and had to put the kids in daycare, I might as well stay home! I know that God works in mysterious ways and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to be wife and mom. I love being here for every moment of Jonah's life! I missed out on a lot with Noah because of work and a stupid business that we were involved in. I know everyone makes mistakes. I also knew that with Noah he was in good care with his Ma and Grandma. But I hate the fact that I missed so much of what Jonah is now doing! He has started scooting across the floor to get to anything and everything that he wants! He is so fast when it is something that he should not get! Right now he and Noah are laying on the floor playing with the baby toys. I wish my camera wasn't broken because it would be the cutest picture! I know that this is long but as my first post I wanted to let people know a little about my life and how I got to this point. I will be adding more info. as time goes on. I do love my family and I love Jesus. I have started going to church where my husband grew up being the pastor's grandson. It is a pentecostal church and I love it. I am just now getting to where I am really learning about the Bible and learning about who Jesus really is and what he wants and wishes for our lives, so as I learn I will probably be posting some about that also. Sorry this is so long. I think I will go for now and be a MOM!