So I have a needle...

So, I went to see the dietitian today to go over my glucose levels. The morning levels are high, usually 100 or over. She said it is because of hormones and not because of anything that I ate, or didn't eat. I even lost 2 lbs. by following the diet! She called my doctor and she wants me to start giving myself insulin shots at night before I go to bed. So I just did the first one, it wasn't bad. I have to give them to myself in the stomach, which was weird, but it is such a little needle it didn't even hurt. I will see tomorrow morning if it helped or if I have to go to a bigger dose! I hope it helps! I am heading to bed now and I'll see what tomorrow holds!


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We got a lot done...

We have had somewhat of a busy day today! We went Clyde and Charlotte for lunch, then Andrew and Clyde went to start packing up their house. Charlotte, the boys, and me ran to the store and got Noah his Red Power Ranger costume for Halloween. That place was crazy crowded, but I knew it would be!

Then we went to Clyde and Charlotte's to help with the move. I couldn't do much, but I did vacuum some rugs, cleaned out the fridge and freezer (by the way, I made out like a bandit!), and sat on bags for Charlotte to get the air out.

Then I left and bought the boys home for a while because Jonah didn't get a good nap, and it was showing! I have to go back and pick Andrew up and get something for dinner in just a few minutes. I hate to wake the boys up though! They both fell asleep on the way home!


The past couple of weeks...

I realize it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted! Not that we haven't been busy. I went to the doctor last week and then to a class on gestational diabetes. I had to learn how to eat right, which isn't so bad. Maybe it will actually help me lose some weight after the baby is born. I have to check my glucose level 4 times a day! It's not so bad, just remembering to test 2 hours after I eat with 2 kids is hard!

A good thing about eating this way, I have discovered that I actually like to drink water. You won't hardly find me without it these days! The only thing is that it takes me forever to go to the grocery store now! I have to read every label and the nutrition facts for every thing I might eat! It had been good though, because now maybe I'll be more conscious of what I am eating and feeding my family.

I also have to be monitored every time I go to the doctor now. I guess as a precaution to make sure the baby doesn't get to big. Thank goodness I only have 10 weeks to go! And having said that I can't believe she will be here so soon! I have so much to do!

In Noah news: He is so funny. We went out of town for church on Sunday. Andrew had family here he hadn't seen in years about an hour and a 1/2 away, so we all got up early and went to church with them. After the singing all the kids were leaving to go to their classes. Noah looked around and said "where are all those kids going?" We let him go to his age class. He was funny after church was over. We asked him what that learned about. He said Jonah and the whale. He said that it stunk inside the whale. They also asked everyone something to pray for. He said all the other kids had boo boos but he wanted to pray for his baseball tournament. Who knows where he comes up with this things!

In Jonah news: That boys is growing too fast! He is a little copycat wanting to everything that big brother does. He is learning new words everyday too. His favorite thing to do right now is "bush teeph" He loves to brush his teeth! Hopefully that will last for a long time!


Awesome picture

I love this picture of Noah. It was taken when he was 2. Look at that height! He should be a great baseball fielder!

Sorry so long..

I can't believe it has been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Life is just too boring around here, I guess. Well, I shouldn't say that, after what happened when I wrote that before...

Well, I have to go to a diabetes class next Wed. Apparently my sugar is high and I have to go on a special diet. Yeah for me. No wonder I was making sweets almost every night last week!

This past weekend we went to the Oliver Hardy Festival. It is in Harlem, a very small town around here. Andrew was in a softball tournament so my dad, my mom, me and Noah, Jonah, and my nephew Chandler went. I don't have any pictures because somehow my camera screen was broken when Andrew and Noah got home from seeing the monster trucks...but I have sent in to be fixed. It is still under warranty. I got a funnel cake, which was the only reason for going, right? Noah got to ride the ponies, which is what he wanted to do. My mom has some pictures so maybe I can get them from her and post them on here.

Other than that, no much going on. Mainly staying around the house and playing. It rained this week, which was good, but it rained all day long! The boys were driving me crazy! I like to be able to go outside with them for a while. I guess they had gotten used to it too. They were bouncing off the walls!

Jonah has a cold. What else is new. Poor baby seems to keep one. I am wondering if he has allergies or maybe teething? Not sure. I have just been wiping his nose and driving him crazy I would guess. He doesn't have much of an appetite either. Maybe he just doesn't feel good, not that I could blame him! I woke up this morning with a sore throat. I hope I'm not getting the cold now!

While Jonah is napping and Noah is spending the night with my cousin and her boys, I am going to get off of here and do some cleaning. I need to clean my bathroom, not my favorite thing, but hey, it has to be done.