Out of town and raining!

I apologize for not being around here lately! We went out of town for a few days and since we got back I've been trying to get clothes washed and other things. I can't believe how many clothes 5 people can mess up in 2 days! But with a baby I guess I can! The boys and I got sick while we were gone. It was like a 24 hours virus but not fun! We didn't really feel that bad, but it was not pretty!

We took my mom with us and she helped us out by helping out with the kids. I can't tell you how much I appreciate her! Especially after I got sick!

It has been raining, raining, and raining some more here! It stopped long enough last night for Noah to have wee ball practice so he got some energy out.

Speaking of Noah, he is so funny. He had a comb and was "combing" his hair. He said he had to make it stylish!

I'm sitting here while he is watching Aladdin. It was always one of my favorite Disney movies and I'm glad he is enjoying it!

Jonah is asleep. He wouldn't take a nap today and he was tired. They usually go to bed by 8:30 anyway so it wasn't that early.

I've still got dishes to do so I'm off of here for now!


The Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

5 minutes for mom is hosting the Ultimate Blog Party 2009! This is a great way to find new blogs and for people to meet me and my family.

I am a wife and mother and definitely have the best job in the world! Sometimes it's hard but the rewards are well worth it! I am married to a wonderful man, Andrew. We have had our struggles but by the grace of God we seem to come out on top! We have two boys, Noah is 4 and Jonah is 1. We added a daughter to our family almost 3 months ago! Has it already been 3 months??

Welcome and make yourself at home! Have a cookie or two and enjoy!

Spring has spung!

Not a whole lot going on around here lately. Noah has his first "Wee" ball practice this afternoon. He can not wait!

I am so glad that today is the first day of spring. I love spring and the fall. The weather is usually perfect. I love summer the best but sometimes around here it just gets too hot! Thank goodness for air conditioning!

I don't think I wrote about Abbi's last check-up. She is doing great and she weighted 13 lbs. 6 oz! She is growing to fast and I want to stop her...at least slow her down a little! I can't believe that in just 10 days she will be 3 months! Time goes by way to fast!


A Praise Report

I just wanted to give Jesus some praise! We went yesterday to pay off the hospital for Abigail's delivery. It was a LOT less than we were thinking it was going to be. Thank you Jesus!

We went to 5 Guys for a late lunch/early dinner. They have been very busy since they opened so we stopped by and got a menu. We were on the way to pick up Andrew's truck. He had to have the windshield replaced, again! A rock hit it a while back and when it got really cold a few weeks ago it cracked across. I think it is the 3rd one he has had. Anyway they have a phone number to call and order and then go and pick it up. It was really good. I'm glad we have one here now!

We had a nice fun family day. Even though we didn't really do anything exciting, it was just nice to be together. We had family movie night last night. Andrew rented Space Chimps. It was ok. No Toy Story, but...what is!


It won't be like this for long...

We have had some fabulous weather here for the last few days. My mom and I took the kids to the library and park today. We had a picnic at the playgroud and let the boys run for a while. It wasn't too crowded today. Sometimes when we go we don't even get out of the car because they are so many people there. They are putting up another section that should be open soon so that should help with the crowds!

We went in the library and got some books. Noah has discovered the little critter books. I love them and I'm glad that he does too! We got all 5 that they had today! Of course, I had to read them all plus the 3 that we already have! All together I read 13 books tonight. I don't mind though, they are only little once!

And thinking about that, I love this song! I may use it for Abbi's slide show at her dedication! Remember Hootie and the Blowfish? Well this is Darius Rucker, the lead singer who has gone country and I think he's great!


This and That

I am sitting here in the quiet house, listening to the motion of the baby swing. My boys are at my cousins house in the county. I know they are having fun. Noah loves to go and play the wii. He is good at it! Which doesn't really surprise me, he knows what he is doing on the computer! In fact, he knows a little too much. It is going to be a really nice outside and my cousin Amy said he was going to take them all to the park today. I know Jonah will love that. He LOVES to be outside.

It has been nice just having me and Abbi for a couple of days. Yesterday we went to a local church consignment sale. I got Abbi a dress. She doesn't need much. I got a lot of clothes from 2 girls at church that had girls before me, thank you both so much! And we got a lot of nice stuff from our baby showers! And then last week at another consignment sale I got Abbi 7 outfits and a pair of shoes, and got Jonah a pair of blue jeans for a little over $30.00! I think I did good there! Yesterday I got Jonah 3 jon jons, a Wiggles shirt, and a Wiggles pillow. That we be a treat for him when they come home. He loves the Wiggles now! Noah loved them when he was little. Jonah took a little while but now he loves them. I like the Wiggles too. They really teach a lot, without kids knowing they are learning. Maybe that is why Noah is so smart. I like to think it's in his genes but...

Aren't these the cutest shoes? Thanks Mom for finding them!

My mom went with us to go shop. We went to Old Navy to get our flip flops for this year. I live in flip flops in the spring and summer. I would all year if it was warm enough. I am fond of my crocs and New Balance tennis shoes too. We had a fun girls day!

Before I forget: We woke up with Noah in our bed the other day. Andrew asked him why he was in our bed. He said I had a bad dream. He said I was at my birthday party and it was a disaster! I laughed. It was amazing to me that he knew the word and how to use it!

I let Noah take some pictures the other day. Jonah had gotten up at 5:30 in the morning and was being his normal wild child self, but even worse than usual. I knew he was tired but he didn't want to lay down. I kept putting him in his bed. Well, I had to feed Abbi so I put up the gate in his room and went to feed her. I could hear him on the monitor crying or more like whining. It got quiet so I asked Noah to go see what Jonah was doing. He brought me back this picture on my camera. I knew he was tired!
He also took some good pictures of Abbi. He is a good photographer for 4!

I am going to clean the house, really good while the boys aren't here. Maybe we can keep it clean, for a few days anyway!