The boys could win...

a new bedroom set! 5 minutes for mom is hosting a sleeping angels giveaway. I have to pick a picture of my sleeping angels to put in their contest. One of them could win the Summer Breeze Bedroom Set. This is a great giveaway!


Our night of excitement

I guess I shouldn't have written about how boring life has been around here lately. Last night was not! Jonah had gone to bed and Noah was supposed to laying on the couch watching a movie. It was around 9:30 and I heard a bump and then crying. I jumped up to see what was wrong. At first I didn't notice anything until he said he hurt his head. Then I saw blood on his forehead. I moved his hair out of the way and saw a gash. It was about an inch long and about 1/4 of an inch wide! I tried not to freak out, but I grabbed the phone and called my mom to get her to come and take us to the hospital. I figured he would need stitches. Of course when he heard that, he was really upset! He kept saying "what is it mom?" Talking about what was wrong with his head. I called Andrew who was working at the pizza place and he was on his way back to the store so he came by to look at it. It was pretty gross. I wet a rag and tried not to let Noah look at himself in the mirror because I didn't want him so upset. My dad called when they were on their way to see if Jonah was sleeping because he was going to stay at our house with him. When they got there my mom looked at the gash and said we should take him. I really hoped he didn't have to get stitches but knew he needed to be checked out. It was a weird cut, deep into his forehead, but it did not bleed a whole lot which kind of had me worried. I always heard that cuts on the head would bleed a lot!

When he heard that we going to the hospital he got upset again. I sat in the back with him and kept telling him we get wanted to make sure was okay and that the doctor would fix his head. I was holding the cut together so that the skin was tight. Then I had to tell him that Andrew and his aunt Rachel were going to take him to see the Monster Trucks the next day if he was brave. That worked! (they were already had tickets but Andrew wanted to surprise Noah.) He was such a good patient. When the ER doctor came in he said "Oh good, I can glue that" He said it was the same as stiches but without the trauma. And he said he only gets one shot with the glue. Noah was so good and I was very proud of my big boy. Now it just looks like he has a cut on his forehead. The doctor was good, very good bedside manner with a scared 4 year old. He told Noah he was ready for Halloween already. I took a picture of him today and will post it here after they get home from the monster trucks. They took my camera to take pictures.

We finally got the whole story out of him. He was spinning in circles in the living room and fell on the entertainment center. We still aren't sure what part he hit but I am ready to throw that thing out!!


Not much going on...

Life has been pretty boring around here lately. We are just hanging out at the house, playing, watching the Disney Channel and me doing some cleaning. I haven't gotten any where near what I want to do done, but it's a start!

It looks like today will be a rainy day here in Georgia so we may not be playing outside. They boys love to play outside and the weather has been so nice the past couple of days. Not too warm and not too cold. Just about perfect!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Andrew is starting vacation tomorrow so we should have a good productive week next week. I have to get my gestational diabetes test done, but other that that we don't have anything planned. I love those kind of vacations!


Wordless Wed.

The boys enjoyed a nice day at the park...


the last few days...

I am feeling so much better! The past few days have been great. Great weather too! It is finally cooling down a bit a night around here. We have been enjoying time outside with the boys playing every sport there is, and me trying to read a magazine while the boys are playing. I would love to be playing with them, but I am already so big! I still have 3 months to go!

Monday was our 7th year anniversary. We didn't have any big plans. We had bible study Monday night and it was our "Goodbye" party for Charlotte and Clyde. My mom was awesome to come and stay with the boys while we were gone. Jonah likes to go to bed around 8:30 and he goes into his crib and you normally don't hear another peep from him!

We took the boys to their Paw Paw's house tonight for Noah to hit baseballs. He has hit 3 balls over our fence and Paw Paw has a big yard. They had a lot of fun and Jonah fell asleep on the way home. He was tired. Hope y'all have a great day!


Just an update...

I am feeling better today. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and new. Amazing what prayer will do for you! That and 2 wonderful kids that make me so happy everyday. I just needed to be reminded of that! For any prayers that were sent our way, Thank you so much. They were needed and appreciated! We are going to have a great day and I thank God for it!


Me latey

I really haven't taken the time to sit down and write a good post lately. Too busy with the boys or too stressed out to put what I feel into words! But Jonah is taking a late nap and Noah is watching the Disney Channel so I figured I would take a few a write a little!

I hate the way that I am feeling lately. I have been lazy, depressed, and so not nice to my boys. I don't really know what is wrong. Other than the same things that have been wrong for years. Maybe it is just this pregnancy? Really everything is great, I just don't see it that way. Our main problem is our financial difficulty. I know I don't need money to make me happy. It's been this way for a long time. I have a wonderful husband, most of the time!, 2 beautiful boys, a wonderful family, a home and everything that I need to make me happy. I just feel horrible that when Noah wants something so simple, like his cheese pups I have to say you have to wait a few days. Or until next week when we buy groceries. He doesn't understand and then cries. And me being the mean mother that I have let myself grow into the past couple of weeks, yell at him for nothing. He doesn't know any better. To him money is something that Daddy and Mommy have and can get him anything that he wants. So then after I've yelled at him then I go and feel guilty. Which just adds to the depressed way that I've been feeling. Right now my house is a wreck and I really need to clean up to get ready for the new baby. I can't even feel happy about that right now. I mean, I am happy, but it is stuck somewhere in the back of all of these other feelings. I feel so mean, so ugly, so fat, so ungrateful to God and everything he has given me. Why do I feel this way? I am usually a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. Everything is great and even if wasn't you wouldn't know it from me.
I normally don't mind having an unkempt home if I am happy and playing with my boys. I don't mind having a couple of dishes in the sink until they go to bed if we are playing or reading books. I don't mind folding clothes while Jonah is napping and Noah watching t.v while I do, or even wanting to help me. I am glad that I am not the type of girl who has to have everything scheduled and fit into a certain order. I just love my family and want them to know it too! And these past few weeks I don't think that they do. Or at least not feeling all of the love that I do have for them.

I saw in a post at the Preacher's Wife something that made me cry. She said why is it that praying is often the last thing we think about doing, when it should have been the first? I am getting off the computer now and going to pray for a long time. I love everyone and most of all I love my Jesus and know at times He is only one that can help me feel better.


Happy Birthday Granny!

Today is my Granny's Birthday. We are all going to eat at a seafood restaurant tonight to celebrate. I love my granny and I am so glad to have my children know her as well. Happy Birthday Granny, we all love you so much!

It is also my nephew Caleb's birthday today. His parents are having a party for him on Sat at their house. Happy Birthday Caleb!


Never Forget

I remember being at work and hearing about it from a customer. Afterward we were very slow, probably didn't have 15 customers all day. I remember going to the bathroom and crying and praying. I will never forget that day. And I hope you don't either.

It's a Baby...

Well, I guess I will need to change the name of the old blog! We are having a little girl! We are very excited and so unprepared! We are looking forward to this new challenge in our lives but we know that God would not have blessed us with another baby if we could not handle it.


Cheese Pups

Jonah has a habit of running in and turning off the T.V. while Noah is watching it. Usually a chase occurs after this with me yelling for Noah to get off of Jonah. Today this happens while Noah is eating Cheese Pups, aka Cheetos. He says to me, "Mom, could you please turn the T.V. back on. I'm too busy to chase Jonah right now, I'm eating Cheese pups!" I couldn't help but laugh!


Back from the beach

Just a few pictures of our trip! I will post more when I get more time. We are dealing with 2 sick boys and it is not fun! We had fun on our vacation and can't wait to get back!!

Our view from the porch!