New Year...New Blog!

I have been gone for A

So if you are out there and wondering where I am...I am back! But having some problems with the page, so I am moving! Still the same name, just in a different place.

I hope you will follow me over here at Party of 5 and have a wonderful new year!


so much to say, and not much time to say it in! 

Our computer crashed and because we are trying to only pay cash for everything, it will be a while before we can get another. But one of Andrew's friends may be able to fix it. We will see.

Noah started first grade and loves it. So far! This is only the second week so I hope he contines to love it. He loves to learn!

The truck is fixable, but that has been another headache! They have already had it almost a month and we got a call Monday that they have not even started on it yet!  But the rental that Andrew has gets great gas mileage and has satelite radio which he loves!

Well, thats about all I have time for today!


It's always something...

So you know how life is just going along, one day seems like the day before and you don't even know what day of the week it is?

Yeah, such as my life has been lately.

But, just to keep us on our toes, school starts in 3 weeks! Where did the summer go? Oh yeah, the days just blended into to each other and all of the sudden, it's gone!

And then Sunday this happened:

Noah had spent the night with my parents and went to church with them. Andrew picked him up on his way home from work and stopped to get a few things from Walmart.  Someone pulled out in front of them. We are blessed that no was hurt. I don't know how much more that truck can take!



I got woke up early this morning...

I started to complain and whine because my husband needed his clothes for work put in the dryer. I fell asleep last night with them still in the washer.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning  and rearranging our living room to get rid of an old entertainment center that I had seen it's better day. We didn't buy another one, just decided to put the tv on top of the fire place. Andrew had suggested that when we moved in, but I thought it was tacky. But now that it is up there, I like it. Like it a lot! Hate to admit when the hubster was right. Oh well, only took me 9 years!

Any way, I wanted to whine, and complain, but looking next to me and seeing my sweet, what he's 3!!?, middle child laying there...looking so sweet and innocent.  I couldn't.  I got up, put the clothes in the dryer and came back and stared at his beautiful face and reminded myself how blessed I truly am!


The BP incident

So as the mother of 3 young children I know that quiet means some things up!

Noah had spent the night with his grandma, and the little ones were playing together nicely in their room. I figured I could go use the bathroom real quick! I should have know better.

And then it got awfully quiet!

I went to investigate and found this:

And this: 
This was after I put her in the bathtub. I should have a picture before I took her clothes off, but I was a little upset, until I decided, Oh well. That will make a cute blog post!

And here is the responsible party:

It's a good thing he is cute!


Happy 4th 2010

I hope everyone has a blessed 4th of July!

Let's enjoy our freedom and pray that it continues.


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Getting a little serious...


I'm getting serious here.

I feel so far from where I thought I would be at this time in my life.  I am in my 30's, married, have 3 kids.  And I love that part of life. But, we are all living in the same 2 bedroom townhouse Andrew and I bought when we first got married. We still sometimes live paycheck to paycheck.  We can't buy anything...1 because we refuse to go into debt to buy something we don't really need and can't pay for in cash, and 2 the bankruptcy keeps us from moving right now.

We don't have a HD tv, we don't have a laptop, we don't have the newest and greatest things out there. We don't NEED them, but they sure would be nice.  I have to remind myself all the time why we are in the sorry boat that we are, and never want to be there again!  Bankruptcy sucks, and anyone who thinks it is the easy way out is fooling themselves.  It hurts!

We need a bigger home. With a bigger yard for my kids to run in. I just get sick looking at houses that are bigger that we can afford and have about the same payment we are paying for this house.  And they are bigger and have a bigger yard. And a few of them even have a POOL!  Andrew and I both want a pool, and are probably not going to move until we find a house that we like with one!

We have SO much work to do to get this house ready to sell. I don't think we have a problem selling it. It is very close to a military base and has a great school system. I would live here forever (I love the location), but we have outgrown the house. I think it's great that the kids share a room, but they are different sexes and before long that will come into play. I think they need more privacy (from each other, not the parentals!) and a place to get away from each other!  It is hard to do here!

So, according to our time line we should be able to start looking for a new place next October. About a year and a half. I think I can wait! I have been doing it this long, shouldn't be hard. I just get discouraged sometimes!

I also feel so far from God.  I don't go to church like I should. I am torn between some things that I won't write about right now, but it is hard when you marry into a different denomination. I personally don't like the whole denominations of Christianity. I have questions and my husband does too, so its hard! To me a Christian is a Christian and it shouldn't matter, but...anyway, enough on that!

Ok, that's enough venting for today!  Noah is at Pa and Ma's and the little's are napping. I think I will go read a little in my Bible and then get back to organizing/purging of toys! That is what I was doing before lunch!


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