a little news

My best friend Charlotte came down on Saturday to see Abbie before she leaves for Texas. I am really sad that she and Clyde are leaving! It stinks that we found some great friends in them and they are leaving now! They are supposed to be back in 4 years but like she said, with the military you never know!

Abbie has caught the cold that Andrew, Noah, and Jonah have had. I feel so bad for her! I called the doctor's office this morning to see if they wanted me to bring her in. They said as long as she doesn't have a fever and no green snot that I should get some saline solution and suction out her nose. And after she eats to put in her car seat or bouncy seat so she will be sitting up and hopefully not get chocked on snot. Sounds lovey, doesn't it? I think we will hit up Walmart to get some saline solution and a humidifier. After Jonah's nap! I have to take him to the doctor on Wednesday for him to recheck his ears. If Abbie isn't any better I will have him take a look at her too. Your prayers would be gratefully appreciated!


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My babies!

Where does time go? I can't believe that Abbie will be 3 weeks old tomorrow! When I took her to the doctor last week she weighed 9 lbs 9 oz! I took Jonah with me because he's had a cold since Abbie was born. He ended up having ANOTHER ear infection! My poor baby is back on antibiotics again!

I have to get a new camera soon! It is driving me crazy to not have one of my own to take pictures of the kids! Here a few that I took with my mother in laws camera...


A lot to tell...

Well, I can't believe Abbie is 2 weeks old already! I took her to the doctor last Monday for them to check her for jaundice and to make sure our breastfeeding was going well. She weighed 9 lbs. even which the doctor said meant that she had gained 9 oz. since Thursday when we went home, so nursing is going really good! He said she was perfect and to bring her back at 2-3 weeks so we have an appointment tomorrow morning. I can't get enough of her! She is the sweetest baby!

I can't believe how much I am getting done, as far as housework goes! Maybe it is because I know I HAVE to now. If not we would be living in a tornado! I have kept up with the dishes, laundry, and just general straightening of toys (and gotten the boys involved) since I have felt well enough to do it. I don't leave a room anymore without having something that doesn't go in there to put up!

Jonah has started climbing out of the crib! I don't know what I am going to do now! I have a toddler bed but don't know if I'm ready for that battle yet! But keeping him in the crib has been a battle, so I will try to figure it out! He is finally taking a nap after being put back in for what seems like 20 times, which may be the correct number!

Noah has been sweet and helping me with Abbie. He is an attentive big brother to her. Not so to Jonah, but I guess that is to expected. They are brothers, after all! He is getting better at negotiating with Jonah though.

I am off to eat and take a quick shower. Have a good week if I don't get back!

By the way, American Idol season premiere is tonight!! I'll have the DVR ready to go!


Abigail is here!

We are home from the hospital and I finally feel good enough to write a little post about our newest addition to our family of 5! We went in for a scheduled c-section on Tuesday Dec. 30 at 6 am. After I was prepped and we did a spinal, Abigail made her debut at 7:45 am! She weighed in at 9 lbs. 6.8 oz. A lot bigger that I had thought! She is perfect and we are so glad to have added her to our family!

This time around the healing from the c-section has been a little bit harder, maybe because I'm older, not really sure! I am really trying to take it easy this time around!

I hope everyone had a nice New Year! I know we did!