These days...

These days are hard.

These days are full of things that need to get done...that don't get done!

These days are full of whining, crying, tantrums, pooping, snotty noses, and tears!

These days are full of some sleepless nights, no nap days, and being cranky because of it. And not just me!

But these days are full of kisses I don't deserve, hugs from no where, and I love you Mommy!

And these days, hard as they are, will come and go....

And I will miss them.


Ever wanted to get away? I do...right now! I wish I was at the beach, but don't know if it will be in the budget this year...depends how much of a bonus Andrew's gets!

I love Chik-fil-A. Probably a little too much! I ate there at least twice this week....

We have been busy with VBS this week.  So I haven't cooked this week. We haven't really ate out either.(other than Chik-fil-A)  The church fed us.

Glad to have NOTHING to do next week. We will try to organize some. We have too many clothes and too much stuff. Maybe we will have a yard sale.....?

Have a great Memorial Day!


Armed Forces Day

The last few years our local town does a big event for Armed Forces Day.  It is a great family time!

This year we decided to go for downtown for the fireworks over the river.  It was great. We got there about 8pm walked about a half mile, sat down, and ate some sandwiches! 

About 9:15 the fireworks started! The kids loved it! Well, Abbi cried when it first started, but got fine when Andrew picked her up and held her the rest of the time!

We look forward to this each year now!


Our Major League Outing

Noah got 2 tickets to see the Atlanta Braves for having good grades/attendance at school this year.

We sent in the form to go to a Sunday game. We also got a discount on any other tickets we bought. We bought 2 more thinking Jonah could go with us...what were we thinking!  We were surprised to get tickets so quick!  I asked Noah who he would like to take and he said Pa. We got up early last Sunday morning and drove to Atlanta.

It was a great game! The Braves won 13-2 I think was the final score! They have been on a hot steak since!

The best part about the day was how excited Noah was! He loves baseball and this was a treat for him!

T-ball season is over

Noah played in an instructional league this year. This fall he will play real t-ball!

Sadly for us, and more so for him, his season is over! They only played 6 games and one of those got rained out. He LOVES to play ball. We can't wait for fall!


Busy times!

We had a BIG weekend!

I will post about a couple of the things we did soon....

It's the last week of school! I can't believe I will be the parent of a first grader! My baby is growing so fast!

We are going to a cook-out for Noah's class on Friday. We were so blessed that he had a great teacher this year.  They had a great year. She made a DVD with pictures from the past year for all the parents.  It's a tear jerker...but oh, so sweet!

Andrew is on vacation this week and is keeping us busy! We hope to do a few things around the house...we'll see!


Mother's Day

I had an interesting Mother's day. It started out bad. I couldn't wake up. I had been up until 2am making a cake for Jonah.

And then, everything I touched seemed to break, spill, crack, and just not work!

I didn't make it to church like I wanted.

And then we went to eat dinner at my aunt's house. And the day got better...after I forgot something half way there and came back to get it!

Noah made me a lot of cute things at school. He wrote a poem. My favorite part was that I weigh 50lbs! 

He planted me a flower. The poem that was attached to it made me cry!  

Here it is:

This isn't just an empty cup.
There's something you should know.
Inside the cup there is a seek
That, just like me, will grow.

The plant that grows will someday bloom
And remind you of the seed so small.
But without your love and tender care,
The seed won't grow at all.

Thanks for helping me grow!

We spent time with family outside. You couldn't ask for a prettier day! It was nice, almost no humidity and sunny. We had nice shade and enjoyed a bar-b-que lunch. Andrew had to work, but I would rather him be off for Noah's year end program tomorrow. The best part about the day was being with my mom and my Granny! 

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!


Last Week

Last week was a busy week!

It was my last official week of keeping Brendan. I will miss that little guy!

I went on a field trip to the zoo with Noah's class. It was as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.  Ha Ha!

Andrew had 3, yes 3 softball games last week! And Noah had practice. I think we should camp out at the ball field!

Looking forward to the last few weeks of school. A lot of stuff going on! It should be so much fun!