Minor Leagues

Noah got a ticket to a minor league ball game in town for reading for 30 minutes a week for a month.

He got to have a special night with Daddy and Mommy.  He didn't have to "share" us!

And we got to see fireworks after the game. 

Even though our team lost...memories were made!


I love...

I love my babies.

I love their shoes...and finding them on the floor.

I love that they want to help...and finding where they helped.

I love these sweet faces...

I LOVE my babies!  And I wish they could stay like this FOREVER!



Am I the only adult who enjoys the shows on the Disney Channel? I love Sunny with a Chance (where I came up with the title) and the new one, Good Luck Charlie.  Cute shows!

I am probably a little too excited that I won $50 in Gift Certificates to a local seafood restaurant! I love their food! And free never hurts!

I am loving the weather and spending time outdoors. Ready to fire up the grill and cook some meat!

I cleaned out my coat closet! I am so ready to start getting rid of stuff and getting this place ready to sell next year!

Trying to decide between laminate wood flooring or tile in the dining area. What do you think?

Also trying to figure out what type of carpet to get when we get ready to replace this nasty really well used carpet!

See that vacuum cleaner? That is my new best friend. I love her so!

Glad the weekend is here! And we only have 4 more weeks of school! So ready for some freedom from the schedules!


Noah's first practice...and our mishap!

Noah had his first t ball practice last night. He did very well. He is in another instructional league but we switched from Little League to Dixie Youth.

And of course, because I was trying to get everyone ready, make sure they had drinks and snacks, and all the usual mom stuff, something got left behind. Something they had drilled into our brains at the first meeting...

They have to have a GLOVE!

Of course I know that...

But Andrew had been gone all week to do some training, and like I said I was doing all that mom stuff...

Andrew came back, (he's only an hour away) for Noah's practice and he had a softball game last night. He went all the way back home to get Noah's glove.  But then another parent graciously offered Noah their extra glove...

I felt bad that he had went all the way to get the glove. But by the time they needed their gloves and we were offered the extra one, he was already home.

I think we will be getting an extra glove to keep in the car!!


Easter 2010

I am posting some Easter pictures:

My little's! So sweet!
 Playing with Lucy!
 Flowers for the church. This year Easter fell on my Grandpa's birthday. He would have been 86.
 My uncle, showing the boys how to fish!
It is so fun to dress a little girl! I didn't know how to act after having boys, but she is most defiantly a little diva!
 The best picture of the kids. After church they were ready to go play!
 My handsome first born! Loving the freckles!



I get fed up with life! Right now I have so much I want to say...but can't! It stinks! Just say a prayer for our family and some family situations! I've decided He is the only one that can help in this department! 

In other news:

Last week I took Noah to the doctor. He had a low grade fever and said he didn't feel good. Turns out he had a ear infection in both ears!

So today I took Abbi. She had a fever the last 2 nights and didn't sleep well, which is very unusual for her. Guess what? She has an ear infection in both ears! My children seem to get ear infections a lot!

And I wouldn't be surprised if I have to take Jonah before the end of the week. He has started with a little runny nose...it never ends!

And speaking of Jonah, I love that boy, but good grief! He is my strong willed child!

I had to call poison control for the first time last week. He loves his gummy vitamins and while I went to the bathroom, he decided he needed more than what Mommy had given him and he got a stool and ate about half the bottle. I freaked, but no harm done. They don't have iron so he should be okay according to the male on the other side of the phone. But he can't have his beloved vitamins for 25 days!

And I know this is from way out of left field, but did any one else love the fact that Phil won the Master's again? I always pull for him and I'm so glad he won!

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Wishing you a Happy Easter!

He is not here, for he has risen!

Happy Easter to all!


Here and there

I have been here and there. I have some pictures to upload to the computer...just haven't taken the time to do it.

We have spring break next week and trying to figure out what to do or where to go. Our town gets busy due to a major golf tournament going on...

We won't be going out of town, so it may just be lots of trips to the park!

The weather has been beautiful. I have not! I got mad at Noah today. He was taking forever to get ready so I picked up the phone, acted like I dialed and talked to the "police" on the other end. I told them to come get my child because he won't listen to me. He didn't like that at all. Then, of course I felt guilty. But he got ready for school in a hurry!

On another note, has anyone noticed how dark the colors are for spring fashion? Or maybe I'm shopping at the wrong stores...?

Well, nap time appears to be over, after only 45 minutes! I need more time than that to unwind form the morning!