Well, my husband is really sick! He went to the Dr. and he has a ear infection and a sinus infection! Now I feel a little bit bad that I said he was whining! He stayed home from work yesterday and today but plans on going in tomorrow. I want to thank my mom for letting Noah stay with her for a while so Andrew could rest. We missed him but know that he has a ball at Pa and Ma's house! I did get a lot of cleaning done today with him gone. I admit that I do not keep the cleanest house in the world. I have gotten better, but it still needs work! I would much rather spend time with the boys than scrubbing the floor! Oh well, that's part of the reason I'm still up! Good Night and God bless!


Sick Husband

Ok, so I love my husband, but why do men like they are dieing when they get a cold? I know his head is all stopped up and his nose is running, but really, you'll be okay! I have a cold, I'm still supposed to watch the kids, cook dinner, clean, and still have time for him! Anyway! Georgia beat Georgia Tech today, way to go Bulldogs! I must admit I didn't take a lot of time out to be with Jesus today. I ask for His forgiveness! I made some banana bread, went to my cousins house to eat barbecue and sing karaoke, and we had a fun day with family. I love my family, there are all so funny and we have a lot of fun together. My Granny had 7 kids so we have a large family! Well, I am going to read before I go to bed and get things ready for church in the morning. Good Night! And I love you honey and I hope you feel better soon!


Some of our story...

Well, this is my first entry! I never thought that I would like to blog, but after some recent events I have decided to try it. This is a picture of my family. My husband Andrew, me, Heather, and our 2 sons, Noah is 3, and Jonah who is 6 months. I will start out by saying that I love my family. Both my family and the extended family. I love our in-laws and our out-laws. I know that no family is without problems but regardless, I love them anyway. I try to myself no matter who or what I am around. I will tell you that I am a stay-at-home mom. I love it! I always wanted to be one but I never thought that it would happen. Noah was quite a surprise to us and we we barely making it! Our payments out were more that what we were bringing home. I know now how stupid we were! I had to return back to work after he was born. I hated to but I knew that he was in good care with my mom. So I worked and tried to spend as much time with him as possible. In the meantime, my husband lost his job. He made a mistake and has learned from it. Anyway, he was out of work for a little over a month. Times were very tough for us at this point, but I never thought about leaving him. I said when I married him, that we would be together in good times and bad, richer or poorer. And at this time, we were definitely poorer! He got another job but took a pretty big pay cut. But by the grace of God, matched his income in a little over a year. He loves his job now and is hoping to get promoted soon, but we know it will come when God wants it too. Then in March of 2006 I was at work and something happened. I didn't know what, but I knew something was wrong. I called Andrew to come get me and take me to the emergency room. They sent me home with a migraine! Then that night I felt fine. The next day when I woke up I was trying to IM my mom. Well, I could not remember how to type! And I had been doing it since high school! Then I went and sat at our dining room table and tried to write the alphabet. Well guess what, I could not remember it! Andrew called the dr. and they send me to have and MRI. Turned out that I had had a stroke! Well I can't remember what type it was, but then about a week later I had another one, a different type which of course I can't remember either! I'm sure I can research and find out but to me it's not that important! I'm just glad that I am still alive and fine now! I went to therapy to relearn the alphabet and simple math. I was in therapy for about 5 months. When the Dr. released me my job was gone. What do you do when you were making pretty good money and all of the sudden that income is gone! We did the best we could and I tried to find a job somewhere else but I don't know if no one wanted to hire some one who had been on medical leave or what, but I never heard anything from anyone! We tried credit counseling but they recommended that we do bankruptcy. This was the last thing that we wanted to do so we tried to refinance our house but because our credit was so bad, we weren't able to. So we did what the counselors had said. I was so upset because it was not what I or Andrew wanted to do. It hurt! But in the long run it has been okay. I found out I was pregnant right around the time it was final. I was happy but didn't know how we would make it! Would I have to return to work and miss out on another child's life? Andrew and I talked about it and decided that I would stay home. If I went back to work and had to put the kids in daycare, I might as well stay home! I know that God works in mysterious ways and I am so thankful that I have this opportunity to be wife and mom. I love being here for every moment of Jonah's life! I missed out on a lot with Noah because of work and a stupid business that we were involved in. I know everyone makes mistakes. I also knew that with Noah he was in good care with his Ma and Grandma. But I hate the fact that I missed so much of what Jonah is now doing! He has started scooting across the floor to get to anything and everything that he wants! He is so fast when it is something that he should not get! Right now he and Noah are laying on the floor playing with the baby toys. I wish my camera wasn't broken because it would be the cutest picture! I know that this is long but as my first post I wanted to let people know a little about my life and how I got to this point. I will be adding more info. as time goes on. I do love my family and I love Jesus. I have started going to church where my husband grew up being the pastor's grandson. It is a pentecostal church and I love it. I am just now getting to where I am really learning about the Bible and learning about who Jesus really is and what he wants and wishes for our lives, so as I learn I will probably be posting some about that also. Sorry this is so long. I think I will go for now and be a MOM!