Wordless Wednesday-Big League Dreams!

Andrew's softball team got the chance to play at a minor league baseball teams stadium. They had a blast!
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A couple of things that make me Happy!


Sunday Scripture

Psalm 33:3-5 (New International Version)

3 Sing to him a new song;
play skillfully, and shout for joy.

4 For the word of the LORD is right and true;
he is faithful in all he does.

5 The LORD loves righteousness and justice;
the earth is full of his unfailing love


17 weeks

According to my counter I am 17 weeks along today. I can not believe I am almost halfway through this pregnancy! I have another doctor's appointment on the 4th. I really want to have a sonogram to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. I am really hoping for a little girl this time, but as long as we have a healthy happy baby, I don't care. Charlotte has my camera right now or I would post a picture of the bump, if you can distinguish it from the diastases that I have!

I have been weary lately. I don't know how to explain it, other than the fact that this time of year always seems to be tough, financially, on Andrew and I. We don't know why, it just does. I wrote out our tithes check yesterday and prayed about it. About 10 minutes later I checked my email and had a comment from Shelly, who goes to our church. She had to write it exactly while I was praying. She had said what I needed to hear at the right time. God is so great and I need to be reminded of this, a lot! It is so easy to get wrapped up in the here and now and not focus on what we need to. I have been very guilty of this a lot lately. God has really been working on my faith lately. Which is fine, because it is the topic that I have the most trouble with. Why is so hard to turn everything over to him when that is what he asks us to do? I know it is because, well with me, I think I can handle it all. And I can't. Thank you God for your blessings in my life. I have a husband who loves me and our children, who works really hard for us! I have 2 beautiful boys who make my life busy, but beautiful. I have the joy of this precious life inside of me. I have parents that I love and that I can count on. I have a great extended family. I have great friends. I have my health and am so thankful that I feel I was healed to be here to enjoy all that have and will have. I have a 10 year old car that gets great gas mileage, and still has cold AC, and still runs pretty darn good! I have a house, that although it is small, it is filled with love. And most of all I have Jesus. I just have to remember that He is the greatest blessing of all!


Ma's Birthday

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. I feel really bad that I didn't get a chance to get on here and write this. It was just one of those days.

I love my mom more than even I know. Believe me, we have been through it. We went through the whole rebellion thing, and through the grace of God, came out much better and closer on the other side of it. She has been there for me through many trials and I thank her for that. I know she doesn't know what a huge help she has been to me because I have never really told her how much I appreciate her and all she does for me and my family. I know that she and my dad scarified a lot for her to be home with us kids and now that I have the wonderful opportunity to do the same, I appreciate her all the more. Happy Birthday Mom, aka Ma! We love you, so much!


Wordless Wednesday-My view from the floor


Great Song!

I love this song! It is my new favorite. And to hear Noah singing it, makes me like it even more!


Cool Giveaway!

Win the Essential Babywearing Stash from Along for the Ride (one Beco Butterfly, one Hotsling baby pouch, one BabyHawk Mei Tai, one Zolowear Ring Sling, and one Gypsy Mama Wrap)

I don't know how I came upon this, but I would love to win this for Baby 3! I think with a pre-schooler, a toddler and a newborn, this may be the way to go for me!


We are bummed!

I got some bad news this morning. Not real bad but anyway, bad to us! Our best friends Clyde and Charlotte are moving to Texas! I am so bummed right now. Andrew and I have really great friends in them and we hate that there are moving so far away from us! But we are going on vacation together in August so that will be nice. Clyde is in the military, so I guess I always knew there was a possibility of this happening but it was not something that I thought of! Charlotte called me this morning crying and of course I couldn't help but cry right there with her. I mean, I am pregnant after all! And I am emotional and she is like a sister to me, so I would have cried anyway!

A local news station was walking around at the fireworks and took our picture. I love Jonah's face! He has gotten into a habit of crunching up his nose when he sees you with the camera! Andrew and Clyde had gone to get our chairs so there aren't in this one! Noah and I are wet because it rained cats and dogs downtown. Not that you can tell by the sky in this picture! Or by Charlotte's hair. They found an awning to stand under. Andrew wanted a funnel cake so...we got caught in the downpour.

Just a few random pictures with Clyde and Charlotte...

I am a little disappointed! I thought for sure I hadn't gained any weight. I really have not felt like eating much. And when I do feel like I am hungry I can only eat a few bites and I feel full! But I gained 2 pounds! I am still not wearing maternity pants and I have been wearing one maternity shirt. Mainly because I have a diastases recti, which I may explain one of these days!


First Haircut-Wordless Wed.

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Some random stuff

I have my second doctor's appointment this afternoon. I am already 14 weeks and starting my second trimester. I think I feel the baby moving already. If that is possible! I have heard that you can feel them moving earlier with progressive pregnancies, at least on the inside. I don't think that I have gained any weight. Which is good because with Noah and Jonah I gained a lot early. And kept gaining! We will see when I go to the doctor today!

I really haven't written about the boys in a while. Noah finished his swimming class and passed level 1. He jumped off the diving board on his last day of class. I was so proud of him! He is really amazing me at his level of understanding! He just seems to get smarter everyday!

Jonah is learning a lot as well. He is so cute when I tell him to put something in the trash can, he will say trash can, or something close, and put it in the trash can. Of course, he will put anything and everything in there if I'm not watching him every minute. I have found some interesting things in there lately. Sippy cups, pacis, some toys, etc. I tried to put in the pantry but it is too wide to fit!

Have a good day and I will report on the dr. visit later on today or tomorrow!


Happy 4th!

Just wanted to take a few minutes to tell everyone to have a safe and happy 4th of July! I am so thankful and blessed to be living in this country. Even as bad it is sometimes there are still places that have it much worse than we do. We want to give a big thank you to everyone serving on our armed forces. We appreciate you all and your family for the sacrifices they have made. Happy Independence Day!


I am still around

I am still here...just sort of on vacation. The girls are gone this week so I have been, um attempting to clean up some. Of course I have not got much done. Jonah is being such a momma's boy that he won't let me out of his sight! I don't mind though. He is sitting in my lap right now, which make this kind of hard to type! See you all soon!