Sick Husband

Ok, so I love my husband, but why do men like they are dieing when they get a cold? I know his head is all stopped up and his nose is running, but really, you'll be okay! I have a cold, I'm still supposed to watch the kids, cook dinner, clean, and still have time for him! Anyway! Georgia beat Georgia Tech today, way to go Bulldogs! I must admit I didn't take a lot of time out to be with Jesus today. I ask for His forgiveness! I made some banana bread, went to my cousins house to eat barbecue and sing karaoke, and we had a fun day with family. I love my family, there are all so funny and we have a lot of fun together. My Granny had 7 kids so we have a large family! Well, I am going to read before I go to bed and get things ready for church in the morning. Good Night! And I love you honey and I hope you feel better soon!

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