This past week...

I am so sorry it is taking me so long to get on here and post! I was playing with the background, isn't it cute? So I decided I can take a minute and write about what happened this past week. Although, not much has!

The truck needs brakes, which means that Andrew has been taking the car to work for the past two weeks and I for the most part, have been stuck at home! It really is better...I can't really spend money if I'm at home, and the gas were are saving is great!

Last Saturday my parents had a back to school event at their church. It was fun, lots of little pools, a slip and slide and a big splash pool slide. Noah and Jonah loved it!

Let's see, what else? The boys went to the doctor for check-ups last Tuesday. Jonah had to get 3 shots. Noah needs like 5 before he starts school! I asked if he wanted to go ahead and get them, he said he would wait! It doesn't bother him to get shots, but maybe 5 at one time, I think I would say I'll wait too!

Other than that, and getting a bigger belly, we have been staying home,watching the girls, cooking, cleaning, and getting the boys in bed by 8:30-9 every night. It has been nice. This week we will be getting ready to head to the beach! Yes, it is finally here!

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The pictures look so fun! I know you are looking forward to a nice beach escape, you deserve it! Love you