Mother's Day

I had an interesting Mother's day. It started out bad. I couldn't wake up. I had been up until 2am making a cake for Jonah.

And then, everything I touched seemed to break, spill, crack, and just not work!

I didn't make it to church like I wanted.

And then we went to eat dinner at my aunt's house. And the day got better...after I forgot something half way there and came back to get it!

Noah made me a lot of cute things at school. He wrote a poem. My favorite part was that I weigh 50lbs! 

He planted me a flower. The poem that was attached to it made me cry!  

Here it is:

This isn't just an empty cup.
There's something you should know.
Inside the cup there is a seek
That, just like me, will grow.

The plant that grows will someday bloom
And remind you of the seed so small.
But without your love and tender care,
The seed won't grow at all.

Thanks for helping me grow!

We spent time with family outside. You couldn't ask for a prettier day! It was nice, almost no humidity and sunny. We had nice shade and enjoyed a bar-b-que lunch. Andrew had to work, but I would rather him be off for Noah's year end program tomorrow. The best part about the day was being with my mom and my Granny! 

I hope you had a great Mother's Day!