I have been here, just not getting on the computer too much the last few days. Saturday we went to Savannah for a family wedding. We went down to the beach after the wedding for my mom to take some "beach" pictures of us. A few turned out really well!

Sunday I actually went to church. By myself...with the boys. I was a little late, but I made it! I'm glad I made it. The sermon was great. It was about T-shirt wearing Christians. My pastor made a metaphor, if that is the right word, to how people go on trips and bring back t-shirts like "My parents went to The Grand Caymans and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." It really made a lot of sense. All about how people get saved and instead of telling people about how God is working in their life and living in victory, they complain about how bad life is. His point was if you are truly saved you would be walking victoriously WITH God and not talking about it like it was a memory! Really Good! I guess you could say he stepped on my toes with that one!

Noah started swimming lessons yesterday. He did really good! There were only 3 kids in his half of the class so far. I think they are supposed to have 5 but I guess 2 didn't show up. It sounded like they were brothers so I don't know what happened to them. Maybe they will be there today. He was so excited about the class and he couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the night!

Jonah is becoming quickly Mr. Independent but still wants Mommy around. A lady at church that loves to get him during the service came and got him, but had to bring him back. I think that separation anxiety is starting to hit. He has never really cried to come back to me!

I will try to take a picture of Noah today at the pool. I'm not sure but another parent was taking a picture yesterday and it sounded like you aren't supposed to take pictures...which I think is dumb! You should be able to take a picture of anything monumental in your child's life, so we will see. See you all soon!

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i loved these photos of your cute family together in such a beautiful place. it made me smile. and i enjoyed your thoughts on the sermon -- so true that we need to live in constant gratitude instead of complaining about our troubles.


Wow, I didn't know your mom was such a great photographer! Of course it's easy when you love the people you are photographing. Enjoy your family!



GORGEOUS PICTURES! I love them. :)