Back to the old grind...

Hello all! I have been enjoying my long weekend with the husband, the boys, and family! We had a great time at the lake on Saturday. Noah actually loved the water. I am so glad he starts swimming lessons on Monday! He is getting over that fear...to my dismay!

Sunday I was lazy and didn't go to church! Not really, I must have slept funny or something, my neck hurt bad! So I stayed home. I know, not a good excuse. We went to my aunt's house for some good food and hung out with the cousins who were in town.

Monday I didn't really do much, went to a couple of stores with my dad and mom. I actually found some Wiggles DVD's. CHEAP! I bought them. I figure in a few years I'll be able to sell them if nothing else. They will be classics with Greg! Andrew was working late so I went to my Mom's and cooked dinner while they went and loaded my dad's truck for today. I made Italian chicken, butter potatoes, carrots, broccoli, and bread. It was pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Today I had intended on cleaning...of course not much got done. Noah did help me clean the living room. And I washed quite a few loads of laundry. I made deviled eggs and a chocolate bread pudding. We ate at my Granny's as we usually do every Tuesday. We had barbecue and man was it good! Potato salad and baked beans. I have been a cooking kick lately. Which Andrew is very glad of! I am going to make pork chops tomorrow before church. Hopefully the kids will be good and I can get done in time! Gwen and Lili will be back tomorrow. I have kind of missed them!

I totally forgot to take my camera with me to the lake so I have NO pictures. I'm a little ticked at myself! I charged the battery and everything and forgot to get it! Oh well! I just have to get some of the pictures that Mom took.

Have a great day, until I see you again!

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