Jonah's 18 month Check-up

I took Jonah to the doctor today. He is great except for a little fluid behind his left ear. The doctor gave me a prescription for it. I guess that explains his runny nose for weeks now. Makes me feel like a bad mother. But other that being a little whiny, which I thought was form his eye teeth coming through, he has been fine.

The doctor commented on how tall he is, and how big his feet are. He then asked me how tall I was. I said 5' 3". Then he asked how tall is Dad, and I said like 6' 8" I believe. He said that explains it!

Both boys got flu shots today. Then we went to get the prescription and I let the boys pick out a little bag of chips because they were good at the doctor. The prescription was free at Publix! They have some antibiotics that are free. Great place to check out first if you need any!

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