Someone pinch me!

I was so excited to check my email and find that I not only won a printer from 5 minutes for Mom's Christmas Giveaway, I also won a photo blanket from Reviewsings of a Housewife! I was so excited! I never win anything and to win twice in one day was indeed a blessing! Thank you Jennifer and Jo-Lynne!

I really needed a new printer, mine had quit on me! My mom had given me her old one and I hooked it up yesterday but we need a new color cartridge. We needed a new one for my old one too, but just hadn't taken the time or money to buy another one! Usually the HP comes with cartridges so we will be set! I am so excited to get this in time to print out some Christmas cards!

The photo blanket will a great Christmas gift for someone. I'm not sure yet who will get it, we will see. It may just be mine!

Thanks again girls! These are much appreciated "gifts" and I am so grateful to receive them!