This week

I had another doctor appointment this Wednesday. I had another ultrasound and another NST! My mom came to our house and kept the boys for me. She is such a great grandmother! They made cookies while I was gone and Noah drew the cutest horse! You can really tell what it is! I enjoyed my "free time" waiting at the doctor for almost 3 hours! My doctor got behind when she had to go deliver a baby. I was on the NST machine for a long time. The button that you are supposed to push when the baby moves was broken so I just took the time to nap a little bit! When I saw the doctor she wanted me to increase my insulin to take it another time in the morning. I don't know why my sugar was high, I am following the diet like I'm suppose too! Although the dietitian told me the fasting sugars being high was because of hormones, so maybe that's it.

In other news I have a new niece. Andrew's brother and his wife had their baby girl yesterday. Her water broke around 1am the night before and she was born a little after 3pm yesterday.

We are having our town tree lighting tonight. Andrew has to work late and I can't decide if I want to go and take the boys by myself! I would only have to walk a little ways up the street if I decide to take them! Then tomorrow the annual Christmas parade goes by the entrance to our neighborhood and Andrew is off tomorrow so we will take them to see Santa and get some candy. Last year they got a lot, well Noah did. Jonah was too young to eat any!