a little news

My best friend Charlotte came down on Saturday to see Abbie before she leaves for Texas. I am really sad that she and Clyde are leaving! It stinks that we found some great friends in them and they are leaving now! They are supposed to be back in 4 years but like she said, with the military you never know!

Abbie has caught the cold that Andrew, Noah, and Jonah have had. I feel so bad for her! I called the doctor's office this morning to see if they wanted me to bring her in. They said as long as she doesn't have a fever and no green snot that I should get some saline solution and suction out her nose. And after she eats to put in her car seat or bouncy seat so she will be sitting up and hopefully not get chocked on snot. Sounds lovey, doesn't it? I think we will hit up Walmart to get some saline solution and a humidifier. After Jonah's nap! I have to take him to the doctor on Wednesday for him to recheck his ears. If Abbie isn't any better I will have him take a look at her too. Your prayers would be gratefully appreciated!

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