Abigail is here!

We are home from the hospital and I finally feel good enough to write a little post about our newest addition to our family of 5! We went in for a scheduled c-section on Tuesday Dec. 30 at 6 am. After I was prepped and we did a spinal, Abigail made her debut at 7:45 am! She weighed in at 9 lbs. 6.8 oz. A lot bigger that I had thought! She is perfect and we are so glad to have added her to our family!

This time around the healing from the c-section has been a little bit harder, maybe because I'm older, not really sure! I am really trying to take it easy this time around!

I hope everyone had a nice New Year! I know we did!

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Angie Vinez

Oh my heavens! She is beautiful!!!

Congratulations to your entire family. I am so happy for you.

Continued blessings in the new year!


Congrats, Heather! I love the name Abigail. Always have. She is precious!


Congratulations ! I had two boys and girl, too! It was great. I know you will enjoy your little girl, just like you do your boys. It's fun having at least one of each sex. I'm already telling your mom how she will enjoy sewing for her. I can teach her to smock! Thank God that she's here and healthy. Take care, Angela


Heather! I am sooo happy for you! Abigail is beautiful and jolly big & healthy. Congrats!!!