It is quiet right now...

It is quiet in the house right now! I don't know what to do! Noah went to spend the night with my mom because she broke her ankle. She was helping my dad and jumped to get something and fell on it wrong. Noah insisted on going to stay with her to help her with her broke angle. He is so funny!

We had a kindergarten parent introduction today for Noah. I am so NOT ready for this! I almost teared up sitting there just thinking about it! I know he is growing up and there is nothing I can do about it, but it is sad to think that he was just a baby! I guess that song that Trace Adkins sings, You're gonna miss this is so true! My mother in law came to stay with the little ones and took Jonah back with her. It is bittersweet to watch them go and have them run to give you a kiss bye-bye! They are just growing too fast!

Abbi is taking a nap, and a good one! I think she must get woken up by the noise when the boys are here. Our house is small and as hard as I try to have "quiet time" it doesn't always work!

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