Just randomness...

I love my family! We have been on the go lately and when we are not going we are enjoying time at home. I have started a Bible study with some of the MOPS girls. It has been excellent. I missed this past week because everyone, including Andrew, slept late! This never happens because usually one of the children wake up early, but not this past week! It was nice to sleep in a little, but not good that Andrew was late for work!
I only have 2 weeks to enjoy time with Noah before school starts. I still can not believe I will have a Kindergartner! I am feeling a little more at peace now. I know it will be good for him and he will have so much fun! I was worried that him never being in pre school or preK he may feel out of place, but watching him...I don't think he will ever feel that way!
We are still working on potty training with Jonah. If he would just understand that you have to get up and go the bathroom when he need to go, we would be doing great!
Abbi has continued with her milestones! She finally pulled up in the crib this week and is so determined to pull up on anything standing still!