Time flies...

I have been a bad blogger lately! I have not taken time to write...busy living life! Our world is about to change when Noah starts school, so I have been enjoying the end of summer with the kids!

Abbi had her 6 month check-up. That bugger weights 18.6 lbs! No wonder my arm feels like it is going to fall off after holding her for a while. She is "off the charts" in length-28 inches!
She has also starting crawling, sitting up by herself, and cut 2 teeth this past week. She is growing up too fast for me!

We are working on potty training Jonah. It is going okay as long I keep after him to go potty. Sometimes I have to set the timer to remind me to take him to the bathroom. He is finally getting to the point where he will go by himself...sometimes!

Noah is Noah. Not much as far as milestones go right now. I am getting more and more upset excited that he is starting Kindergarten in 4 weeks! I just can't believe my baby is starting school!

It has been 5 weeks since I had the hernia surgery. I am doing great and the doctor gave me the all clear to exercise, slow at first, of course. Now I'm ready to shred this extra weight I've been carrying around the last, oh, 8 years! I'll let you know how that goes!

I promise to get around to posting a lot more...I need to so I don't forget our everyday stuff!
Have a great week!

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