My sweet happy girl...

I have the happiest baby ever...and no you can't argue that yours is! Just kidding!

Abbi has been the sweetest thing since the day she was born. She pretty much slept all night...in her bed, from the get go.

She was the easiest nurser; fast and done in 15 minutes and not hungry again until 4 hours later. I miss that! I pretty much dried up when she was 7 months and we have been doing formula since then.

She never cries unless she isn't feeling well or is so tired she doesn't know what else to do!

She is the funniest thing. And she already has a great attention span. She can sit and play with the magnets on the fridge forever.

And she loves her doll. She was playing peek a boo with it earlier by covering the dolls face with a sock that she found on the floor.

She is so smart...and only 10 months old. I have a hard time believing that she is already 10 months and a hard time believing that she hasn't always been a part of our family! She is such a joy!

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