I got woke up early this morning...

I started to complain and whine because my husband needed his clothes for work put in the dryer. I fell asleep last night with them still in the washer.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning  and rearranging our living room to get rid of an old entertainment center that I had seen it's better day. We didn't buy another one, just decided to put the tv on top of the fire place. Andrew had suggested that when we moved in, but I thought it was tacky. But now that it is up there, I like it. Like it a lot! Hate to admit when the hubster was right. Oh well, only took me 9 years!

Any way, I wanted to whine, and complain, but looking next to me and seeing my sweet, what he's 3!!?, middle child laying there...looking so sweet and innocent.  I couldn't.  I got up, put the clothes in the dryer and came back and stared at his beautiful face and reminded myself how blessed I truly am!

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