The BP incident

So as the mother of 3 young children I know that quiet means some things up!

Noah had spent the night with his grandma, and the little ones were playing together nicely in their room. I figured I could go use the bathroom real quick! I should have know better.

And then it got awfully quiet!

I went to investigate and found this:

And this: 
This was after I put her in the bathtub. I should have a picture before I took her clothes off, but I was a little upset, until I decided, Oh well. That will make a cute blog post!

And here is the responsible party:

It's a good thing he is cute!

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Oh, Heather - that's hilarious! It reminds me of the article I read years ago by the mom of sextuplets who got in the cooking oil and were slipping and sliding all over the kitchen when she found them. Baby powder is probably easier to clean up than cooking oil, at least! :)