I wrote this yesterday but couldn't post...

I am sitting here in awe of what Jesus can do! I was in the shower the other day wondering what are we going to do? Andrew makes good money at his job but we have trouble sometimes making ends meet. We have nothing left for saving or God forbid, something happening that we need extra money for. Although every time it seems like what else can go wrong, God makes a way! I was wondering if I should consider going back to work. Andrew has told me before it would be no good for me to go work as I would just be paying for daycare. I know my mom would watch my boys but she needs a break. She has been watching kids since Noah was born! Not always mine, but day after day, I know she needs a break, time to herself and time with my dad. Believe me I know how it can be! I asked God why would you give me the opportunity to stay home with my boys if you are going to take that away from me? I know I shouldn't question God but sometimes we all wonder! I love being a mom, and with Noah getting ready to go to school next fall, I couldn't stand to have to leave him now! He can be a handful and his personality is something else, but I love that boy. We are dealing with some jealousy here lately with Jonah. Anyway to get to the point I am trying to make, Andrew has been looking for a part-time job, like delivering pizza to make some extra income. Well yesterday the phone rang and it was one of places that he put his application in to. They are hiring him and he starts on Monday! What an answer to my prayers. And on top of that his bonus was a lot more that we thought it would be! Jesus always shows up at the right time. I know everything happens in his timing but sometimes we can't help but question, where is it God? I know, I still have some work to do on my Faith! I have come a long way thought. Normally, I would have worried and worried about this. But the other day while I was thinking and praying about all this, I felt a calm come over me and felt that everything was going to be alright. Jesus, you are awesome and I thank you!

On a side note, as I sit here writing this, my wonderful little man, Noah, just brought me a booger on his finger. Oh the joys of living with 3 men! Well, at least he didn’t wipe it on the furniture or the floor, or the side of the bathtub as one of my brothers used to do! These boys are a joy for sure, but sometimes…well I’ll just say sometimes I wonder!

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