what was i thinking?

Well, I have spent the last few days putting up Christmas decorations and trying to clean our little house. I mean like really clean. I am going to start keeping 2 extra kids on Wed. for 10 weeks! Actually it will be a 21 month old and a 6 week old! I prayed about this and told God if he thought that could handle it he would make it work. The lady that I am keeping the children for is a friend of a friend at church. I guess it is just fate because I could really use the money to pay off the rest of these medical bills from where we had Jonah. I would love to use it for something for ME or the boys but I know that those bills have to be paid! So do you think I'm crazy taking on 2 more? I mean my Granny had 7 so how hard can it be, right? I have thought about keeping an extra kid to make some extra money so maybe this will let me know if I can handle it. And maybe I'll get a good reference out of it. Well after the first day I will let you know how it goes. When I met them they seem to be easy going and all, but that was only for like 45 minutes, so we shall see!


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