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I have my second doctor's appointment this afternoon. I am already 14 weeks and starting my second trimester. I think I feel the baby moving already. If that is possible! I have heard that you can feel them moving earlier with progressive pregnancies, at least on the inside. I don't think that I have gained any weight. Which is good because with Noah and Jonah I gained a lot early. And kept gaining! We will see when I go to the doctor today!

I really haven't written about the boys in a while. Noah finished his swimming class and passed level 1. He jumped off the diving board on his last day of class. I was so proud of him! He is really amazing me at his level of understanding! He just seems to get smarter everyday!

Jonah is learning a lot as well. He is so cute when I tell him to put something in the trash can, he will say trash can, or something close, and put it in the trash can. Of course, he will put anything and everything in there if I'm not watching him every minute. I have found some interesting things in there lately. Sippy cups, pacis, some toys, etc. I tried to put in the pantry but it is too wide to fit!

Have a good day and I will report on the dr. visit later on today or tomorrow!

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I love this video, Noah is Mr. personality-never a boring minute.