We are bummed!

I got some bad news this morning. Not real bad but anyway, bad to us! Our best friends Clyde and Charlotte are moving to Texas! I am so bummed right now. Andrew and I have really great friends in them and we hate that there are moving so far away from us! But we are going on vacation together in August so that will be nice. Clyde is in the military, so I guess I always knew there was a possibility of this happening but it was not something that I thought of! Charlotte called me this morning crying and of course I couldn't help but cry right there with her. I mean, I am pregnant after all! And I am emotional and she is like a sister to me, so I would have cried anyway!

A local news station was walking around at the fireworks and took our picture. I love Jonah's face! He has gotten into a habit of crunching up his nose when he sees you with the camera! Andrew and Clyde had gone to get our chairs so there aren't in this one! Noah and I are wet because it rained cats and dogs downtown. Not that you can tell by the sky in this picture! Or by Charlotte's hair. They found an awning to stand under. Andrew wanted a funnel cake so...we got caught in the downpour.

Just a few random pictures with Clyde and Charlotte...

I am a little disappointed! I thought for sure I hadn't gained any weight. I really have not felt like eating much. And when I do feel like I am hungry I can only eat a few bites and I feel full! But I gained 2 pounds! I am still not wearing maternity pants and I have been wearing one maternity shirt. Mainly because I have a diastases recti, which I may explain one of these days!

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