the last few days...

I am feeling so much better! The past few days have been great. Great weather too! It is finally cooling down a bit a night around here. We have been enjoying time outside with the boys playing every sport there is, and me trying to read a magazine while the boys are playing. I would love to be playing with them, but I am already so big! I still have 3 months to go!

Monday was our 7th year anniversary. We didn't have any big plans. We had bible study Monday night and it was our "Goodbye" party for Charlotte and Clyde. My mom was awesome to come and stay with the boys while we were gone. Jonah likes to go to bed around 8:30 and he goes into his crib and you normally don't hear another peep from him!

We took the boys to their Paw Paw's house tonight for Noah to hit baseballs. He has hit 3 balls over our fence and Paw Paw has a big yard. They had a lot of fun and Jonah fell asleep on the way home. He was tired. Hope y'all have a great day!

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