Our night of excitement

I guess I shouldn't have written about how boring life has been around here lately. Last night was not! Jonah had gone to bed and Noah was supposed to laying on the couch watching a movie. It was around 9:30 and I heard a bump and then crying. I jumped up to see what was wrong. At first I didn't notice anything until he said he hurt his head. Then I saw blood on his forehead. I moved his hair out of the way and saw a gash. It was about an inch long and about 1/4 of an inch wide! I tried not to freak out, but I grabbed the phone and called my mom to get her to come and take us to the hospital. I figured he would need stitches. Of course when he heard that, he was really upset! He kept saying "what is it mom?" Talking about what was wrong with his head. I called Andrew who was working at the pizza place and he was on his way back to the store so he came by to look at it. It was pretty gross. I wet a rag and tried not to let Noah look at himself in the mirror because I didn't want him so upset. My dad called when they were on their way to see if Jonah was sleeping because he was going to stay at our house with him. When they got there my mom looked at the gash and said we should take him. I really hoped he didn't have to get stitches but knew he needed to be checked out. It was a weird cut, deep into his forehead, but it did not bleed a whole lot which kind of had me worried. I always heard that cuts on the head would bleed a lot!

When he heard that we going to the hospital he got upset again. I sat in the back with him and kept telling him we get wanted to make sure was okay and that the doctor would fix his head. I was holding the cut together so that the skin was tight. Then I had to tell him that Andrew and his aunt Rachel were going to take him to see the Monster Trucks the next day if he was brave. That worked! (they were already had tickets but Andrew wanted to surprise Noah.) He was such a good patient. When the ER doctor came in he said "Oh good, I can glue that" He said it was the same as stiches but without the trauma. And he said he only gets one shot with the glue. Noah was so good and I was very proud of my big boy. Now it just looks like he has a cut on his forehead. The doctor was good, very good bedside manner with a scared 4 year old. He told Noah he was ready for Halloween already. I took a picture of him today and will post it here after they get home from the monster trucks. They took my camera to take pictures.

We finally got the whole story out of him. He was spinning in circles in the living room and fell on the entertainment center. We still aren't sure what part he hit but I am ready to throw that thing out!!

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