We got a lot done...

We have had somewhat of a busy day today! We went Clyde and Charlotte for lunch, then Andrew and Clyde went to start packing up their house. Charlotte, the boys, and me ran to the store and got Noah his Red Power Ranger costume for Halloween. That place was crazy crowded, but I knew it would be!

Then we went to Clyde and Charlotte's to help with the move. I couldn't do much, but I did vacuum some rugs, cleaned out the fridge and freezer (by the way, I made out like a bandit!), and sat on bags for Charlotte to get the air out.

Then I left and bought the boys home for a while because Jonah didn't get a good nap, and it was showing! I have to go back and pick Andrew up and get something for dinner in just a few minutes. I hate to wake the boys up though! They both fell asleep on the way home!

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