So I have a needle...

So, I went to see the dietitian today to go over my glucose levels. The morning levels are high, usually 100 or over. She said it is because of hormones and not because of anything that I ate, or didn't eat. I even lost 2 lbs. by following the diet! She called my doctor and she wants me to start giving myself insulin shots at night before I go to bed. So I just did the first one, it wasn't bad. I have to give them to myself in the stomach, which was weird, but it is such a little needle it didn't even hurt. I will see tomorrow morning if it helped or if I have to go to a bigger dose! I hope it helps! I am heading to bed now and I'll see what tomorrow holds!

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Em @ Bunch of Scrap

I am so happy you found me from BlogHer and also love that you stopped by ;) Scary needle story, sounds like you took it like a champ though! Have a great week!


Hope the shots have been working...does not sound fun. Congrats on sticking with the diet, thats gotta be super hard when you're pregnant.