I feel bad...

I feel bad. It has been a while...

One night last week I felt bad because I put the boys to bed early, yelled too much, and I was so tired of the whining! I ended up having to take everyone to the doctor the next day. The boys both had ear infections! I already felt guilty, and that made me feel worse! Mom of the year right here!

Abbie is still growing...and still has something. She still gets chocked. I feel so bad for her sometimes. She has been waking up a bit more and looking around.

I'm really tired so I am heading off to bed! After I have a brownie!

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don't feel bad - that happens to me all the time! just last night i was so impatient with ellie (5) and sent her to bed because i was sick of her whining and attitude. imagine the guilt when she threw up this morning! WHOOPS!

your blog is so cute! i love your kids names!