Bad Blogger

I have been a bad blogger! I will do better, I think I am finally adjusted to having 3 little ones...for now anyway. Things will change, So is life! So what have we been up too?

We signed Noah up to play t-ball. It is actually called Wee-ball for his age group. They will teach him how to play like how to run the bases, play in the outfield, ect. I think it will be good for him. He is so excited and can't wait for his coach to call. He asked me everyday if it is time to go to practice. He is so smart and uses words I never thought a 4 year old would even know, much less know when to use them!

Jonah is now sleeping in a "big boy bed." It is the toddler bed that Noah had. I wanted to wait until he was 2, but with him climbing out of the crib I figured we should go ahead and put him in the bed. I didn't want him falling and getting hurt. He went to the doctor yesterday and got the all clear for his ears. Finally free of the infection!

Abbi has been smiling this week. Not just gas, real smiles! They make my heart melt! I have decided to spell her short name Abbi instead of Abbie. I just like the way it looks better. Hey, I'm a woman, I can change my mind!

I will finally have a camera again tomorrow! I can't wait until it gets here, there will be LOTS of pictures for a while!

I promise to not be so out of touch. We sort of have a routine down now, so I will be making time for the blog. Hopefully...

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