A quest

We had a great service at church today. I was really glad that I made it today. My first real outing with the 3 with out help! Well, first outing with a real time limit! I was even a few minutes early. The sermon was excellent. It was about how to leave here to get there. About how we have to do a little bit more that what we are doing now to get to where God wants us to be. So good...

I am going to start a quest to change my life. Just a little. I have been a stressed out mom lately. Nothing major, just feeling like I don't do enough. Don't have enough time with each child individuality. Therefore I yell a little more than I want. Fuss a little more than I want. Don't have enough time for my husband. Just feel a little like a failure! I have made a list of things I want to do each day for the week every week. Now that I can't really use "recovery" as an excuse tomorrow is the day that I will start! I am going to start exercising and really watching what I eat and how much. I have some small goals in mind and with Jesus and a lot of prayer we are going to achieve them!

One thing is that I will never go to bed again with dirty dishes in the sink! That being said I am going to clean the kitchen!

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Heather, i think that you do a wonderful job with those sweet babies! You are kind hearted and sincere! Every mother has days where she feels like she has let everyone done. Take the time to smell the roses instead of doing the dishes. Go to bed early so you can rest your mind and body and the rest will fall in place, Andrew and the kids are lucky to have you!! Keep up the good work! Much love always, Amy


I'm with you, I have made a vow to clean the kitchen before bed, even if it's 1am. It makes the morning so much more relaxing. Another thing I do is tidy things a little throughout the day. With four kids that we home school, it gets crazy messy around here in moments, so I do what I can and then we work together on the rest. Keep it up and remember it doesn't matter how clean your house is but the relationships you are building with your husband, kids, family and friends. One day at a time!