Out of town and raining!

I apologize for not being around here lately! We went out of town for a few days and since we got back I've been trying to get clothes washed and other things. I can't believe how many clothes 5 people can mess up in 2 days! But with a baby I guess I can! The boys and I got sick while we were gone. It was like a 24 hours virus but not fun! We didn't really feel that bad, but it was not pretty!

We took my mom with us and she helped us out by helping out with the kids. I can't tell you how much I appreciate her! Especially after I got sick!

It has been raining, raining, and raining some more here! It stopped long enough last night for Noah to have wee ball practice so he got some energy out.

Speaking of Noah, he is so funny. He had a comb and was "combing" his hair. He said he had to make it stylish!

I'm sitting here while he is watching Aladdin. It was always one of my favorite Disney movies and I'm glad he is enjoying it!

Jonah is asleep. He wouldn't take a nap today and he was tired. They usually go to bed by 8:30 anyway so it wasn't that early.

I've still got dishes to do so I'm off of here for now!

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Look at my big boy!!! I bet he is having a great time!!