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I am sitting here in the quiet house, listening to the motion of the baby swing. My boys are at my cousins house in the county. I know they are having fun. Noah loves to go and play the wii. He is good at it! Which doesn't really surprise me, he knows what he is doing on the computer! In fact, he knows a little too much. It is going to be a really nice outside and my cousin Amy said he was going to take them all to the park today. I know Jonah will love that. He LOVES to be outside.

It has been nice just having me and Abbi for a couple of days. Yesterday we went to a local church consignment sale. I got Abbi a dress. She doesn't need much. I got a lot of clothes from 2 girls at church that had girls before me, thank you both so much! And we got a lot of nice stuff from our baby showers! And then last week at another consignment sale I got Abbi 7 outfits and a pair of shoes, and got Jonah a pair of blue jeans for a little over $30.00! I think I did good there! Yesterday I got Jonah 3 jon jons, a Wiggles shirt, and a Wiggles pillow. That we be a treat for him when they come home. He loves the Wiggles now! Noah loved them when he was little. Jonah took a little while but now he loves them. I like the Wiggles too. They really teach a lot, without kids knowing they are learning. Maybe that is why Noah is so smart. I like to think it's in his genes but...

Aren't these the cutest shoes? Thanks Mom for finding them!

My mom went with us to go shop. We went to Old Navy to get our flip flops for this year. I live in flip flops in the spring and summer. I would all year if it was warm enough. I am fond of my crocs and New Balance tennis shoes too. We had a fun girls day!

Before I forget: We woke up with Noah in our bed the other day. Andrew asked him why he was in our bed. He said I had a bad dream. He said I was at my birthday party and it was a disaster! I laughed. It was amazing to me that he knew the word and how to use it!

I let Noah take some pictures the other day. Jonah had gotten up at 5:30 in the morning and was being his normal wild child self, but even worse than usual. I knew he was tired but he didn't want to lay down. I kept putting him in his bed. Well, I had to feed Abbi so I put up the gate in his room and went to feed her. I could hear him on the monitor crying or more like whining. It got quiet so I asked Noah to go see what Jonah was doing. He brought me back this picture on my camera. I knew he was tired!
He also took some good pictures of Abbi. He is a good photographer for 4!

I am going to clean the house, really good while the boys aren't here. Maybe we can keep it clean, for a few days anyway!

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We are having a blast!!! The yard sale was a hit this morning!!! Jonah is napping and Noah is being his sweet self! We haven't even had time to play the Wii!! We went to the park and when Brian comes home we are going to let the boys play some baseball!!!