A Praise Report

I just wanted to give Jesus some praise! We went yesterday to pay off the hospital for Abigail's delivery. It was a LOT less than we were thinking it was going to be. Thank you Jesus!

We went to 5 Guys for a late lunch/early dinner. They have been very busy since they opened so we stopped by and got a menu. We were on the way to pick up Andrew's truck. He had to have the windshield replaced, again! A rock hit it a while back and when it got really cold a few weeks ago it cracked across. I think it is the 3rd one he has had. Anyway they have a phone number to call and order and then go and pick it up. It was really good. I'm glad we have one here now!

We had a nice fun family day. Even though we didn't really do anything exciting, it was just nice to be together. We had family movie night last night. Andrew rented Space Chimps. It was ok. No Toy Story, but...what is!

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