A date set

I have a date set for my surgery! Yeah, I am so excited. I don't know why, I mean I will be in pain for a while, but I am so ready to get my life back. I really want to lose a little weight before I go in have it done. I am really trying to watch what I eat and how much. I also got Turbo Jam before I got pregnant with Abbi and I am determined to start doing it again! I just have to make myself get up before the kids and do it! It's not that hard, at least as far I got before! Seems like every time I would make some progress with exercising I would get pregnant! At least I know that can't happen now!

I also have some organizing to do and some things that I just need to get rid of. It will make it easier when I have to have someone come and help with the kids. The doctor told me I will need some help for about 2 weeks if not longer. It will be hard with little ones but I know I will have Andrew for one week, and of course my wonderful mom, and my MIL, and my cousin has volunteered to help out too. So I won't be without great help! I have about 6 weeks, do you think I could lose at least 20 pounds by then?

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Walking on Sunshine...

I hope you have success on losing the weight and that the surgey is successful as well! My hubby had the same surgery back in the fall and it was pretty painful, but he recovered very well. Although, he was able to lie in bed all day and not do a thing! I'm sure your family will help you tremendously!!


I believe that you will do fine!! And all of that excerise that you got out here yesterday helps!!! hahaha! You know that i will do whatever you need me to do to help! lots of love!