Pain and suffering

Let me just start out with saying that I have been lazy...well really I have been in pain! I have a hernia that I finally got approval from the insurance to have fixed. It is around my belly button and when it hurts, it hurts bad! I am pretty much out of commission while I sit around in PAIN! So after saying that I am sitting here looking around the house...and let's just say it needs work! I am feeling better today after about a 48 hour "flair up" of the hernia. I am calling the doctor today to schedule a day for my surgery. The sooner the better so I can get back to my life!

In other news we had a nice Easter. We went to sunrise service with my parents and had breakfast at their church. Then we went to our church where I had to stay in the nursery. It was okay though. We have a TV downstairs with a camera so that we can watch the service. Then we went to my cousins for dinner. Then of course I started hurting so I ended up falling asleep on the couch. I did get to see the boys hunt for eggs.

And see my Dad jump on the trampoline! He is still a kid at heart!

I hate that I was hurting and the fact that I wasn't much fun to be around! My children suffer ever time this happens and I will be so glad to have to taken care of! I am feeling better today so I will doing some cleaning and playing with my children. They are the most important part of my day!

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I'm so sorry, Honey, that you have so much pain with the hernia! I hope things are a lot better today.
I love you!


It was fun to spend the day with ya"ll. Of course we always have a ggod time when we get together.Hope you are feeling better. Love< Mary

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey

That sounds so painful and you're still trying to keep up with 3 kids...bless your heart. I don't know what I would do. I do know that I will be praying for you and that you won't have to suffer with it much longer!!

Love and prayers,


sorry to hear about the hernia...hope you're well now. those cute kids of yours are growing so fast! miss ya'll.