the time is come

I have been on a little computer hiatus for a few days. We decided to take a little mini-vacation. Andrew's mom has a time share near Helen GA. They have free putt putt and a pool so it was a little like going to the beach...I can think that anyway! My parents went with us. We had a good time. Andrew and my dad got to play golf at the "resort" golf course. Andrew actually played well.

We just had a fun family filled vacation. We really wanted to take Noah somewhere before school starts and life changes for us all in so many ways. I am so not ready for this time to be here. I have known it was coming since the day I had Noah but I am still not ready to send my first baby off to school. We went to open house on Thursday night and met his teacher. I almost cried then, but I held it in! I know I will be a blubbering fool on Monday! But I know I can't let Noah see me that way! I want him to enjoy it and think of it as an adventure! I don't know what will be harder...Noah going to Kindergarten or Abbi!

I love the quote that goes: you carry your child for 9 months and they carry your hearts for the rest of your life. It is so true. And how your child is your heart walking outside of your body. I now know how true those words are. I admit I am very anxious and regretting that the time has come. Monday morning I will have a Kindergartner and I will live to tell it all...through my tears.

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Angie Vinez

When my oldest went off to kindergarten, I was a mess. I even got in the car and followed the school bus that first morning, with tears streaming down my face. Letting go of your baby is so hard. Now I homeschool, so I don't have to send them off to school every day, but just thinking about how grown up they are is still enough to make me cry.

By the way - you were just around the mountain from me when you were in Helen. :) We head down there all the time. I love it.