Here and there

I have been here and there. I have some pictures to upload to the computer...just haven't taken the time to do it.

We have spring break next week and trying to figure out what to do or where to go. Our town gets busy due to a major golf tournament going on...

We won't be going out of town, so it may just be lots of trips to the park!

The weather has been beautiful. I have not! I got mad at Noah today. He was taking forever to get ready so I picked up the phone, acted like I dialed and talked to the "police" on the other end. I told them to come get my child because he won't listen to me. He didn't like that at all. Then, of course I felt guilty. But he got ready for school in a hurry!

On another note, has anyone noticed how dark the colors are for spring fashion? Or maybe I'm shopping at the wrong stores...?

Well, nap time appears to be over, after only 45 minutes! I need more time than that to unwind form the morning!

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