I get fed up with life! Right now I have so much I want to say...but can't! It stinks! Just say a prayer for our family and some family situations! I've decided He is the only one that can help in this department! 

In other news:

Last week I took Noah to the doctor. He had a low grade fever and said he didn't feel good. Turns out he had a ear infection in both ears!

So today I took Abbi. She had a fever the last 2 nights and didn't sleep well, which is very unusual for her. Guess what? She has an ear infection in both ears! My children seem to get ear infections a lot!

And I wouldn't be surprised if I have to take Jonah before the end of the week. He has started with a little runny nose...it never ends!

And speaking of Jonah, I love that boy, but good grief! He is my strong willed child!

I had to call poison control for the first time last week. He loves his gummy vitamins and while I went to the bathroom, he decided he needed more than what Mommy had given him and he got a stool and ate about half the bottle. I freaked, but no harm done. They don't have iron so he should be okay according to the male on the other side of the phone. But he can't have his beloved vitamins for 25 days!

And I know this is from way out of left field, but did any one else love the fact that Phil won the Master's again? I always pull for him and I'm so glad he won!

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