Oh my, another week already?

I have been busy! I hope that everyone had a wonderful New Years! We spent ours with family which is the way I like it. To me nothing is more important than having a family that you enjoy each other's company and can share life with! Well, Tuesday was my birthday. I turned the big 30 this year and I admit I was not too happy with it! Not to say I'm sure my Mom loves the idea of having a 30 year old daughter! We ate our usually meal of collards and black eyed peas at my moms house. Boy, that is some good food! Thanks MOM! My husband wanted to take me to a movie. I, of course wanted to be with my babies, but I had resolved to try to spend more one on one time with Andrew this year, and my mom agreed to keep the boys, so we went. We saw the National Treasure sequel. It was pretty good. Well Andrew had to go to the bathroom, and when he went he said our friends from church Clyde and Charlotte had called and said some of the couples from church were getting together to play games at the church. And that he had already called my mom and made sure it was okay. And she said it was. So we pulled up to the church to go in and I had no idea but my sweet sweet husband had planned a SURPRISE party for me. I was in shock to open the door and find all my family there, our friends Troy and Rhonda and their boys, Clyde and Charlotte, Ben, Emily and their little girl Gwen (who Noah is going to marry!) and some other people that we go to church with. I had no idea, I still can't believe my mom kept it a secret! I cried of course. I guess he does love me, although some times I have to ask why! I can be a pill! Thank you so much Andrew and I love you too! Just remember payback is...well you know!
On to the children I kept for 3 days last week. I thought it would be really hard, but I prayed each day before they got here and I didn't have any problems. It actually went pretty smooth. The little girl was so small! Both of my boys were over 9 lbs. so I never really had a little newborn. I was almost scared that I would break her! I know, not really but that is how small she is! I'll just say by the end of the first day I had fallen in love with them both. Their father is Vietnamese so they were so pretty. The second day the mom told me that she was going to try something else this week because I live too far away. She has to come off the base, come to my house and then go back on the base, I mean Fort Gordon. She said it takes half an hour of driving time. I was a little bit heartbroken but as I said form the beginning God is in it so I know there is reason. Friday was a little bit harder but nothing I couldn't handle. Noah was such a good helper to me! I was very impressed by him and the way he handled himself. He was sharing and being very patient with Min. I guess he is growing up some! I hate to even think that he will be starting school this year! I want to cry right now! The mom said that she wished I lived closer because Min has never adapted so well and so fast to a new "daycare." Well, we will see what God has in store! I will end this for now as it is pretty long and I need to go to bed. It's 12:28! Good Night and hopefully it won't be so long in between post next time!

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Hey! I'm good at keeping secrets! The look on your face was priceless!